£100 contactless limit?


£100 looks better than £45, but not sure it’s justified. They should look at the data and see if that makes sense. Curios how many people lose their cards and get unwanted contactless charges.

For me personally I don’t care,  Pay seems to work just fine, in most places, where I spend over £45


Ultimately banks are liable for these so that’s why it’s really an industry decision about whether they want to increase the limit - will the banks want to take on higher fraud costs in return for potentially greater interchange income from higher usage of cards?

Obviously they have decided they would like it, so the government is likely to go along with it.

Many other countries have significantly higher limits already.


Oh I had no idea that the bank is liable for contactless transactions…

They are as long as you are not negligent.

However, time taken to sort this out and the hassle factor is something to factor in. There is also the risk that the bank may decide you have been negligent and you may have to argue with them, although simply getting your card stolen isn’t.

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It’s also significant that almost all contactless transactions in the U.K. are now processed via online authentication, rather than happening offline.

This means that as long as you tell your bank to block the card, it won’t work - so if you notice a card has been lost or stolen quickly, there is little chance of any fraudulent transactions getting through.

I had too had no idea banks were liable. Was pretty against this over on the Monzo forum prior to that knowledge, as Apple Pay is more secure and has no limits anyway.

I’d still rather there be a focus on encouraging increased adoption of the mobile payments tech such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, but I no longer oppose an increased contactless limit as voraciously as I perhaps did previously.

If the bacon is liable then I don’t care how high the limit. Though the option to disable contactless card payments or just the option of a card without contactless would be very appealing for me so I’m not having to go through the hassle of getting my money back.

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A bit “rash” perhaps ! :rofl:

(Here all week :grinning:).


I’m not sure this is true. Apple Pay is only unlimited if the retailer allows it to be so. Boots and M&S were the first to lift the limit and many more have followed with Sainsbury’s being one of the more recent ones, but many still do have limits.

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It’s true in so much that the systems are private and secure by design, that no limit exists for them other than those imposed by your bank which applies to regular chip and pin debit card spending too. Except where retailers, for whatever reason, choose not to allow limitless Apple Pay transactions. I could be mistaken, but I’m fairly certain retailers have to actively choose to opt in to placing those limits. By default there is no limit.

Which is precisely my issue I’d like the regulators to address. It’s safer than chip and pin, and contact free. Encourage hold outs that don’t accept it at all to accept it, and pressure those who choose to place artificial limits on it to favour their own systems to lift them.

Limiting it won’t make me use Tesco Pay, Tesco! I’ll either do smaller shops, or go elsewhere. In fact that’s what I started doing at the beginning of the pandemic. My shopping is done at co op now, solely because there is no artificial limit on mobile payments. The only things I still go to Tesco for are those delicious chunky cheese rolls, and that salad dressing that tastes almost like a dominos garlic and herb dip patent violation (assuming the taste is patented).


It’s just frustrating and embarrassing - I had to pay for something in person (v rare!) last week, for £100. They had a modern iZettle reader, so used my Amex ApplePay - and got a failure. So had to faff around with them entering the amount again and using my real card.

There needs to be an Contactless+ logo or something to avoid this - people aren’t going to keep trying on the offchance it works.


It should be the case that anywhere displaying the Apple Pay or Google Pay logo supports CDCVM (which is the technology which allows for limitless contactless) but it isn’t always true.

Amex contactless and Apple Pay are always a bit flaky anyway, but that is due to a separate issue where the technology is slightly different for Amex and may retailers haven’t configured their systems properly.

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I absolutely adore Domino’s Garlic & Herb dip, but it’s so expensive to buy extra pots! Could you possibly link the dressing you’re referring to? :pizza:

I was mistaken when calling it a salad dressing, it’s actually a ranch dressing! I should warn you that although the underlying taste is near identical to Dominos, it still has that tangy ranch dressing style taste on top of it. It’s the closest I’ve found so far though.


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I’ve never seen anything more off-topic than this…

A thing of beauty - I applaud you :grinning: