2019 a good year to invest?

(Liam) #1

So CNBC thinks that 2019 could be a good year for stocks following a torrid 2018.

With Brexit, political turmoil in the US administration, the UK administration, USA-China trade wars, etc, etc 2019 could be a financial rollercoaster.


I reckon 2019 could be the year of precious metals and possibly, once again, cryptocurrencies. I wouldn’t put money in FTSE, S&P or Nasdaq because I feel there will be more trouble in the global economy this year. But I am a sceptical, cynical bastard so do your own research.

CNBC and Bloomberg have been going on about how great the economy was days before Lehman went bust. I learnt my lessons and don’t trust them and the analysts they have on. They all seem to share the same outlook, possibly because they live in the same bubble.


I’ve already received two share certificates from companies I invested in last year, so I reckon for me 2019 will be a good year to invest, I have a few more I’m thinking of investing in.