95 users. Not good

Will this forum ever be more than an echo chamber? Not good really. I’m sure there are more of us straight white dudes who like tech.

Yeah it could have more footfall, but I appreciate it for what it is - a new home for us nomads. It was set up by an ex-Starling community member in his own time for us all, and free to use. I’m sure it’ll get busier. It was only a handful not long after launch, so give it time. I enjoy the crack and the people. There also actually a benefit which the limited numbers - limited bullshit to have to deal with! Thanks again @Liam


Setting up a new forum is notoriously difficult. I think this is going really well so far and I can only see the numbers picking up over time.


As with most forums alot of people prefer just to view and not actively take part.

You’ll always find it’s usually the same people getting involved. Nothing you can do really.

I like the smaller community, I find it actually encourages some people to more actively participate mainly because they’re less likely to be shot down in one way or another.

It would be good to have a little more, but at the same time more isn’t always merrier. Got to find that middle ground, wherever that may be!


Quality over quantity :grinning:


Spot on!

I mean, I read the monzo forum but don’t actively post. You know why…:joy:


I agree with many of the above comments about the value of this forum for me.

I’ve had a long standing interest in finance and banking (not just fintech) even though I don’t work in the industry, and I’ve learned a lot here as well as in the Monzo forum and the old Starling forum.

I hope the numbers do increase here, but there is also value in a smaller community with an interest in a wide range of banking topics so that there is some balance.


I’d rather have 95 regular users than 1000 lurkers

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Hi Miac,

A conversation is a conversation - so long as the people involved are engaged and are enjoying themselves then who cares if its got 95 users or 95,000 users.

If FTT fills a need for those 95 users then great, if not then the forum will die a natural death - just like many a forum before it.

I am thankful to those 95 users who have so far contributed more than 3,200 posts to the conversation. I think that’s an achievement for the first couple of months.

If those 95 contribute in a spirit of community and debate, then over time this will grow, and so will our userbase.

We can all recommend this place to others - and, of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


15 active users in last 7 days.

Shall we do some flyers? I can do a design.

I think that’s 15 new sign ups. It says 93 active users on mine

If you like. I can post you some crayons?


Well thanks very much, Dan. I’ll have nightmares now…:flushed::angry:


I have just read this thread and decided to join the community.

It is very easy to dismiss the effort of those who try to create online spaces where those interested in all things fintech can meet and and learn from each other.

Contrary to the what OP said, I’d like to say thank you to @Liam for starting this community. I feel that the importance of communities like this one will only increase in time.

The reason I am saying this is we have all witnessed what has been happening on other forums run by fintech companies where those who dare to voice their criticism are either ridiculed or even forced out by sophisticated form of bullying.

By not being affiliated to any fintech brand (although I realised that many users here do feel close to Starling brand), I feel that it could be a good place to all of those who don’t want to feel constrained by forums blindly loyal to a specific fintech company.


Welcome @anon72537109

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Thanks for your input and welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the community @anon72537109

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I’ll do a post to link to the forum and see if some of our Tandem community are interested in joining the conversation…

You can follow us on fb too if you like - facebook.com/tandemmoney :wink: