A Onedrive query - help most welcome

I’m trying to share a file from my iPhone to my Onedrive storage. Been doing it successfully for ever - not now.

  1. Sync of photos works fine
  2. No other issues

Here’s what I’m getting. Any ideas, please?

I have the same issue and started a correspondence with Microsoft on the 4th April. Supplied screenshots and recordings and tried various suggestions with the service rep saying it would be referred to the devs. Then she went on holiday and a different rep saying to update to latest versions and then that it must be an Apple problem so refer to them.
This got a suitable response :fu:
I did find the Sharesheet has a OneDrive choice and also sometimes a Copy to OneDrive choice and the second does work. Also uploading from inside OneDrive will work.

Thanks @cepenpark, at least your experience will save me going down the old “reset phone -> reset it again -> format my PC’s harddrive !! -> look on eBay for another phone” routine :grin:

Wait and see then?

Update :grin:

I disabled the existing “Onedrive” option thus:

Then attempted to upload with the “more…” -> “Copy to Onedrive” option

Bingo :grin::+1:

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