Accepting mobile payments

(Liam) #1

Wondered if any of our members have any thoughts or experiences with mobile payment tech such as SquareUp, iZettle, Sumup or PayPal Here?

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #2

I use Stripe integrated with Xero to accept payments for Invoices. Not quite Mobile but it does allow us to take quick payments sometimes.

I also carry around a PayPal Here terminal but sadly never found a need to actually use it.

From an observing others using mobile payments I was really quite surprised when I was at Black Deer Festival in the summer that almost all the Vendors where using some form of mobile payment device (Square up if I remember correctly). I’d taken cash thinking as a festival I would need it and found myself depositing all the cash back in the bank on Monday

(Liam) #3

We found it a bit of a novelty paying for a bubbly waffle in the middle of a field at Leeds Festival last year. It was incredible that it worked considering the mobile phone signal around was ‘caca’.

I have one of the Square up devices that I bought a while ago for a side-hussle that I never got quite round to finishing.

I’ve played more with their API for accepting payments online. Found that pretty nice to work with.

How does Stripe work?

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #4

Stripe integrates directly with Xero and every invoice we send get’s a link on the bottom of it to allow payment.


Our reasons for picking Stripe over PayPal was 1) Lower fees and 2) the whole Stripe payment experience stays within Xero as opposed to moving out to a PayPal branded site and then back to Xero.

If Stripe launch this terminal in the UK I might get one considering how impressed I’ve been with the other aspects of their platform

(sam) #5

I don’t have to take mobile payments unless I really need to. When I do I use lunatap on Android with my stripe account.

(Dan Mullen) #6

I use SumUp - just 1.69% per transaction and they accept all cards including Amex.

Use this link to get a SumUp Air contactless card reader for just £15 (usual price £29):


I’m with @thefifthrace - we use Stripe, but with QuickFile rather than Xero, for similar reasons - fee, integration, etc.

We don’t tend to do a huge amount of card payments, but no faults with Stripe. Typical fee being 1.4% + £0.20.

Wasn’t aware Stripe even done a terminal - that’s interesting!

(Feff) #8

I currently use iZettle when I’m out at conventions and the like - I really like the app and the new reader is pretty swish. It’s a bit more costlier than SumUp at 1.75% per transaction, and the terminal was £23 (~£19+VAT) but I’ve yet to have an issue (even now that PayPal bought iZettle) and so far its been pretty zippy with accepting contactless payments.

I’m tempted by that Stripe terminal though, Stripe currently handle my online sales via WooCommerce and it would be nice to be able to track everything through one provider, rather than collating 2 different sources.

(Richard Müller) #9

I have a PayPal Here reader and find it very reliable. A couple of merchants nearby find their iZettle keeps disconnecting and they often faffing about trying to reconnect it before doing a transaction.

(Feff) #10

I believe iZettle recently pushed out a hardware update that’s supposed to stop that from happening. I’ve not tried it since updating my reader last weekend but I’m working from home today so I’ll give it a test!

UPDATE: I have let the connection ‘time out’ twice and the reader has reconnected as soon as my phone was unlocked and iZettle brought to the foreground. So from my simple test, it looks like they’ve fixed it, which is great news! I’ll check back in after Thought Bubble and let you know how the in-the-field test goes :wink:

(Feff) #11

Well I’m back from Thought Bubble and I’ve had chance to relax a little. Still no issues with iZettle and it seems like the new update has reduced the time it takes for the card reader to switch itself off so hurray for not having to charge often!


My work uses a unit from Clover and it’s pretty good. We don’t actually use it for anything much, but the fact it uses a SIM card and doesn’t rely on a phone connection is great. On top of that it’s battery powered and prints it’s own receipts, or can text you them. Really cool thing.