Account aggregation apps

(Dave) #1

I’ve been wondering if any of the account aggregating apps like Emma include the Nationwide credit cards, and if they do does that include pending transactions?

I’ve never used one of these apps so I don’t know if any show pending transactions or not. I know the Nationwide credit card operation is separate from their debit cards so I am not necessarily expecting they are available to these apps at all.


I use Emma and Yolt (I prefer Emma).

Emma doesn’t cover Credit Cards, but they are on the horizon. They are starting with Capital One, MBNA, Tesco and Virgin Money. So not sure if it will show pending.

Yolt covers Nationwide.

I have just checked my Tesco Visa card on Yolt vs Tesco Bank app. Yolt doesn’t show the pending transactions viewable via the Tesco Bank app.

It looks as though Credit Card companies only pass on transaction data which have been cleared onto your account?

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(Dan Mullen) #3

Yeah, as @Ardvarky said, Yolt definitely works with Nationwide Credit Cards.

(Dave) #4

Thanks for the replies. I had a feeling pending transactions wouldn’t be included even if an app did work with the Nationwide credit cards. I guess I’ll have to wait until they implement this in their own app (I won’t hold be breath though) :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

(sam) #5

Money dashboard displays my teso credit card nicely


Emma works with my Nationwide Credit Card.

(Dave) #7

Just downloaded Emma and it’s working with my Nationwide credit card also, but not pending transaction as expected.

It’s a bit of a shock seeing the spending analysis for some categories… I might go in to hiding for the rest of the day and do some money planning :rofl:

(Grant MacGregor) #8

Credit cards are now available via Emma.


Pretty sure credit cards were supported even before this thread started? I’ve been using Emma since May/June last year and don’t remember having a problem connecting my credit cards.

Re pending transactions - I can currently see an Amex pending transaction in Emma. Not sure about Nationwide CC. I’ll try to remember to check next time I do a Nationwide CC transaction. Or perhaps someone else has checked since this Sept?

(Dave) #10

Yes they were.

Yes, you can see the Nationwide credit card in Emma (or you could the last time I used Emma anyway).


Yes, I can see my Nationwide CC. Was just wondering if pending transactions now shown up? You mentioned back in Sept last year they don’t.

(Dave) #12

Ah, I see what you mean. No they don’t, and recently I asked Nationwide if they had any news on pending transactions for credit cards in their own app and they said they didn’t have any further news on this yet. With the way Emma works for CCs at the moment if they don’t appear in the app or the online banking then they wouldn’t be in Emma either.

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So this post got me thinking, I had money dashboard when it launched, but thought it was rubbish.

I’ve just gone and put all my accounts in it, as it works for most of them, and the couple it doesn’t none of them do, but I can manually add them simply.

It’s actually really easy to use, and it shows me such a better picture of my finances. I have a bit more than I thought, because I can include my ISA figures etc in it.

So I’m liking Money Dashboard.

I did look at the others, but they don’t connect as many accounts.

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Money Dashboard is indeed superior to Emma & Yolt in terms of number of supported banks/institutions. But last time I checked Moneyhub supported even more than Money Dashboard. Might be worth a look if you haven’t already.

(Grant MacGregor) #15

Edoardo would have your head for such a blasphemous comment!

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