Accountants in London

I have an accountant for the small Ltd company i own 50% of.

But in the last year I have also been doing some paid work outside this and need to declare this / do a self assessment etc.

Any recommendations for small accounting firms in London for handling this ? (I don’t wan’t to use the accountant i have for the Ltd).

Imo it’s better for the same one to deal with both as they’ll take into account your personal earnings / tax position when allocating dividends etc.

I use the same accountant for both. It makes life considerably easier

Like others, I use the same accountant for both my own tax returns and our limited company (they actually manage all 3 of them).

But, this site may be worth a look:

Yes - I can certainly see the logic of using the same accountant.

But I’m really not that impressed with the accountant we use for the Ltd company - have used them since we opened in 2011, but have found them to be a bit slow at getting things sorted and not very on the ball.

So part of my thinking is that I use a different accountant for my personal tax and find the firm a but more switched on I might well switch the Ltd one day.