Alternative to Starling for Business

Are there any App based that more than one person can access?

Tide supports Multi PSC.

Coconut supports 2 PSCs, but can only be accessed on one device

I think there will be an Starling launch in the very near future regarding this. The social channels have gone from coming soon™, to coming very soon™. We’re now at in the coming weeks™

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Tide is interesting but not a bank, can’t quite work out the risk factor there…

I’ve been with the Starling coming soon before…but you never know.

They’ve not stopped using the first half of the year terminology. Now it’s just “soon”. Guessing it’s been delayed.

Still waiting for Starling. There’s a mix of soon and very soon on Twitter - but they’re no longer saying the first half of the year.

I gave up, gone with Metro Bank.

I’m very close to doing the same. They were coming soon 18 months ago, then it was before the end of 2018, then Q1, then first half of the year; and now they’ve missed that.

All that advertising spend seems crazy given they can’t cater for what I presume is a large proportion of the market.

I just couldn’t wait so they’ve lost me I suspect for ever on a business account.

I am looking for a sole trader account to link to an ebay business account. I do not want to pay fees. I imagine most of the money in will be via Paypal. It is possible that there will be a small amount of cash in and I might need to buy things for the business so will need a debit card. Other than the obvious choice of Starling are there any other options?
Why is there a prohibition for trading in art and antiquities and will a couple of paintings sold on ebay cause problems with a Starling account (art will just be a couple of items and not at all if problems are envisaged).