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I like Amex, and have a Platinum charge card and the BA card, which as I’ve had it so long I don’t pay for, just the Platinum fee.

That said, despite having an account since 2004 they have never increased the limit on the BA card, once tried to decrease it but I managed to persuade them otherwise, and I never qualify for any targetted offers. Amex have “investigated” and just come back with “offers are targetted and you haven’t qualified this time”. In 14 years, no offers?!

So I applied for a Gold Rewards card recently, and got a large credit limit, and now offers are showing up for that. They have linked the cards correctly, so they know it’s me, but can’t explain why I never get offers on either of my original cards.

It does also seem that more functions are being offshored now. Any issue seems to get passed to “back office” to be dealt with. They make a big thing of how the call is answered in the UK, but the staff I have talked to agree that they can do less now and it’s all dealt with abroad.

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I’ve had my amex since 2008. I was actually a customer twice before then and if I hadn’t been in serious debt and cancelled the card I would have actually been a customer since 1998. At one point a year or so ago I had the business platinum charge card but switched back to BA Premium Plus as the Avios rewards are much better.

I use Gate365 ( for as much as possible when ordering online to maximise my collection.

Recently I’ve managed to get Amex to issue me a second BA card in my name on the same account (I am essentially a joint card holder on my own account) so that I can get work and personal expenditure on a separate statement

I wish Amex would launch a retail bank because their technology is already better than most fintech’s and their customer service is second to none in my opinion.

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Quite a neat idea. Didn’t know they’d do that.


What actually is Costco?

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Since they no longer require the additional card to holder to live at your address or even be related I simply added a extra card holder using my first and middle name reversed

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Its a big supermarket masquerading as a wholesalers.

It’s essentially a buyers club.

They can currently sell you an entire dead pig for a mere £89


Hm. Thanks. I guess …

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Some of the stuff on the Christmas leaflet is bonkers. Who’s for a six-pack of discount caviar?


Most importantly for me, it sells fuel for at least 5p a litre cheaper than even supermarkets. That on its own pays for the membership fee across a year

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Just not with a Starling debit card! tsk.

Our costco is just a little bit far away for us to make full use of it (its in Leeds). I don’t think they have a petrol station - though they’ll happily swap my tyres while I shop for bumper packs of batteries and giant jars of mayonnaise.


Well, my nearest Costco petrol station is apparently quite far away, and on the other side of the Dartford crossing - so I think they’ll have to give a whole pig for free to make it worthwhile :smiley:


Definitely have to be at least near a Costco to make it worthwhile. However, for me, it gives the best rewards.

Edit: Happy to have my mind changed though!

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My nearest Costco’s are in the same places as my nearest IKEA’s, so aside from that once every three years I have an urging to go see a Schmerggennssen bookcase or the like, a 100 mile round trip isn’t really viable sadly, which is a shame. I wonder why they still have minimal stores? Seems like it would be the perfect proposition in the current climate.

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I’m still waking up with night terrors over the time my girlfriend demanded we went to IKEA.

How nobody died that day is beyond me.

Top tip: old ladies can be really, really quite vicious if you get between them and unfeasibly cheap meatballs.


This might sound daft, but are the rewards to be used back in Costco?

If not - What are they?

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Yes, those meatballs are rather sticky… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You can spend them at Costco but are free to swap them for cash.

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Bloody autocorrect - does you every time!


So the rewards are just Costco points which can be exchanged for cash?

What’s the exchange rate like?

The reason I use my Gold card is because I’ve found you get the most bang for buck with air miles (but that’s only useful if you will be flying!)


The app keeps a cashback counter for you, in £, throughout the year, so there’s no conversion or points or anything.

The voucher comes on the anniversary month after you join through the post. You can literally walk up to the membership desk, hand it to the staff and say ‘cash please.’ They open the till and give it you in real money.

No obligation to spend it in Costco at all.

I actually think that barring fuel and Jacket Potatoes, Costco isn’t really that cheap so wouldn’t want to be forced to spend it there.

A gold card is tempting but I just don’t think I’d get as much use out of it as others would.