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You mean national insurance numbers?

(sam) #83

Yep, allocated at birth, not changeable

(Dan Mullen) #84

Don’t they get allocated when you turn 16? You’re right though, they can’t be changed once allocated.

(sam) #85

I’m not sure why one would ever need to change it. What is the reason @recchan?


Identity theft? Just like we ask for new credit and debit cards when they are compromised. Wouldn’t getting new NI number help if it was stolen and made publicly available to others on the internet?


The thing is: Our NiNo isn’t really used for identification purposes, is it? That’s what differentiates it from the Social Security Number in the US where some orgs use the SSN as (part of) their identification/authentication scheme.

And it’s why I’m quite ok with it being unchangeable.


The USA actually uses it for a lot of important stuff, as @nanos mentions. South Korea also does and its unchangeable, so if its leaked - rip


I couldn’t even use the eligibility checker for AmEx when checking out cards recently; my email address has a hyphen in it… Apparently that makes it an invalid email address. :frowning:

Not very fintech if the IT/account system can’t handle an email address containing a hypen.


Oh, the famous email validation regular expression…

But disallowing a hyphen in the loca part is terrible…

My email address ends in .xyz. I had to buy a second domain with a more “conservative” tld, due to the massive number service providers thinking that’s not a valid address. (Amex is fine with it, though, funnily enough)


I’ve only ever had problems with it in one place before and for the life of me I cannot remember where?

It’ll bug me slightly now… :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I just called them to ask if they was aware of the error; I had the guy check with IT and I was told that I was in the wrong and that any email is accepted.

I was told to clear my cache and to use a different device; I said that hadn’t worked and he said I was wrong… I’m not impressed. :wink::stuck_out_tongue:

(Kris ) #92

I applied and was approved for a platinum every day cashback card the other night so am looking forward to getting started with it.

Two years ago I was in debt and just last year had a credit rating of around 400. I’ve worked hard and utilised sub prime cards to increase my rating as quickly as possible which has been really effective.

Anyway, is there anything I should be aware of in relation to Amex? Any hacks for maximising on cashback?


Spend up to the cap if you can afford it :joy:

A good one is probably putting bills through on your American Express though. I know you can with O2 for example! Since you have to pay those anyways and it doesn’t come out of your disposable income!

(Dan Mullen) #94

Hope you used someone’s referral link? £10 bonus if you did (and £20 for them).

Make sure you put all your spending and bills through it,
like @Recchan said, at least for the first three months. 5% cashback up to a maximum of £100 is the opening offer, so it’s a great opportunity to really boost your earnings!

(Kris ) #95

I was indeed referred!

My only worry is that of acceptance, though I appreciate that may be a misconception. How do you find acceptance is?

I’ve been splitting my spending across multiple cards and clearing in full to improve my credit rating, however with the higher limit Amex I’m hoping to consolidate the vast majority of spending into that.


I guess this is very much a YMMV situation.

But I’ve been trying Amex for a couple of months now and have been a bit disappointed with acceptance. I wrote down some thoughts on my initial Amex experience on Monzo’s forum including the following on acceptance

Whilst I was prepared for acceptance to be inferior to Visa and Mastercard, I’m still disapointed with acceptance. Since the start of the year seven of my over £100 card transactions (totalling over £2k) have not been able to go on Amex. Some of these are transactons with local retailers/services, but not all. Also, neither the in-house canteen nor any of the sandwich shops or cafes near where I work (outer London) accept Amex. Over time this accumulates to a significant portion of my regular spending. Several of these are independents but two are national chains (Greggs and Subway).


Yeah, it’s it great. My two biggest ones are lidl and B&Q. Almost everything else (other than various tax payments) go through amex now. But as I buy around half my groceries from Lidl that’s a fairly significant percentage, and the main reason I still have my natwest reward credit card…


Have you guys tried the trick of not telling people you’re paying with American Express? Some merchants consciously refuse to accept it rather than their machines not being fit for it.

Alternatively use Apple Pay and again don’t tell them :laughing:


I’ve stopped asking. I try contactless and then if that doesn’t work I ask if they accept via Chip and Pin (I encountered a couple that accepted by Chip and Pin but not contactless).

Apple Pay doesn’t help. If they don’t accept Amex, it won’t work via Apple Pay.

(Kris ) #100

But how else can I let everyone know I’m using an Amex? :joy:

Haha, jokes ofc. I may just try not asking/mentioning and see how it goes. I wasn’t aware that merchants refused even they could accept from a technical standpoint.


My concern in relation to my previous comment is that some sales assistant may just assume it won’t work by chip and pin if it does not work by contactless, without knowing for sure.

To those who are experienced with Amex - is there any way to spot a POS terminal that will accept Amex via Chip and Pin but not contactless?