American Express Discussion

(Adrian) #102

I usually say nothing about the type of card to the cashier, I try contactless, if that doesn’t work I put the card in as if to use PIN - if that fails then I just ask if they don’t take Amex and use an alternative card.

In some places it’s easier to make that judgement ahead of time, for example they have the types of card they accept stuck to the till, or the logos displayed on the card machine screen - if I can only see Visa & Mastercard logos I usually skip the Amex.

Greggs and the work canteen are the only places I regularly use that don’t take Amex.

(Dan Mullen) #103

I find Amex is accepted in about 90% of the places I shop. One thing I’ve noticed is that some places accept the contactless card but not Amex through Google Pay. McDonald’s is one example.

(Adrian) #104

Yeah I noticed that too - it’s a bit annoying.


I’m aware but if they see the card some might be told its policy to refuse it. Like at my work, we refuse American Express even though our machine supports it.

(Dan) #106

Breaking the terms of the Amex agreement then!

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #107

I’ve reported retailers for doing that. There was a fish and chip near me that refused to take contactless because they didn’t think it was safe. I argued it with them and even explained why it was safe and they still said no.

I reported them and they where told to accept contactless or have their machine taken away.


I’m shocked! I always thought those reports were ignored!


Ignoring a report and risking a multi million pound fine. Reports don’t get ignored unless there is nothing to the report. A retailer refusing on the grounds of personal choice is illegal, its breaching a legally enforceable contract, something most banks and card issuers take very seriously. It sets a precedence.

Not sure why people seem to think they are ignored. Never been evidence that they are in fact numerous reports of merchants having accounts frozen or removed for breaking agreements.


I don’t know. Maybe because there are so many merchants that seem to ignore those conditions l for long times with apparent impunity (eg minimum spend requirements). :man_shrugging:


My boss is the one who doesn’t want to accept it, why should I care? :thinking:


Two different things though. Minimum spends and maximum fees are controlled by regulation, nothing to do with the card company or merchant contract. Anything the card company have control over, they generally will act. You don’t keep your dominance by allowing people to do what they want and not stick to your legal agreement.

(Adrian) #113

Would this break any Amex rules directly anyway? I would have thought this would be down to what the contract between the merchant and the acquirer says?

If they’re just offering the facility to accept Amex but charge extra (or even if they don’t charge extra) then it should be fine for the merchant to decline Amex even though they can take it, but if it is stipulated in the agreement that they must take Amex then that’s a different matter.

No idea how these things are usually set up…


Every merchant agreement in the world will have certain clauses depending on the card and the region, the acquirer makes no difference, they may add some extra terms, but the basics are the same for every single one. Amex will set certain rules in this region, there is no negotiation to those rules, its either agree to them or you can’t accept Amex.

(Adrian) #115

But in the case of Recchan’s takeaway it looks like they can take Amex as it comes with their machine, but they choose not to.

I suppose technically that could be breaking Amex rules, but given the consequence of doing that is that you can’t take Amex there’s not much that could be done?

Unless the supplier of the card machine says you must take Amex, in which case it would be breaking their rules and not Amex’s and the consequence would be no card machine for you.


I think that’s down to with hundreds of millions of places, you can’t monitor them all. If someone officially complained, then something would be done, whether that is removing Amex or forcing acceptance.


There’s no indication that the machine accepts American Express besides a very tiny logo on the payment screen that lasts for about not even a quarter of a second. I don’t see it being an issue!

(Dan) #118

Wow. Didn’t say you cared - I just stated he was breaking his agreement!