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I figured that there was enough of us interested in Amex to start an actual dedicated thread for it - Saves having to trawl through a load of different threads when something Amex related comes up.

I’ve just received my BA Premium Card, and other than the card being very nice (all my Amex cards have been quality), the actual tier seems to be overlooked quite a bit.

To recap a rather disappointing change of terms, Amex recently stopped people getting the welcome bonuses if you’ve had a card in the past 2 years. But… there are a few exceptions.

I had the Gold rewards card for the past 11 months and it’s been great (I only ever swap for Avios/BA points).

I couldn’t get the welcome bonus on any other card, except for the BA Premium Amex card (and it’s a hefty bonus as well).

For any family (or single person who spends 10K per year), it can hold incredibly good value…

In year 1 alone, you’ll get the 25,000 bonus points for spending 3K in the first 3 months, and a 2-4-1 voucher (which lasts 2 years) if you spend 10K in the first year.

So that’s a minimum of 35,000 BA points, and it’s only 10-15K to fly a round trip to anywhere in Europe (usually that would be for each person, but if you use your 2-4-1 voucher it would cost you no more than 15,000 points).

Don’t forget it includes a host of travel insurance options (see their website for details).

For families starting off, you could save up the voucher in year one, and use 2 vouchers together in year two for the whole family (well… 4 People).

It has the potential to be the biggest “reward” of any credit card out there (for me, I’ve saved well over £1,000 in 2 years of using BA points accrued through Amex).

I’d usually be put off by the price tag, but in hindsight, paying £195 for the card will save me a minimum of £500 per year, and likely much more.

Best we don’t start spamming referral links, but happy to provide one if people are interested (just DM me) - Likewise, having been an Amex customer for the past 10 years, if there’s anything else you want to know, just ask.

Finally, the app itself is slick, they provide instant notifications, and the customer service is the best of any bank or FinTech I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to.

PS. No, I don’t struggle with acceptance :joy: There are still some places that don’t accept Amex, but I probably come across 1 every other month, and it’s never a large amount.

There already is a dedicated thread, created by some guy named @anon63276888


I know there’s a thread merge in progress but I wanted to reply while I saw this. The problem with BA is that when you redeem air miles, if they don’t fly direct from your local regional airport you end up having to fly via LHR, and that means using a tonne of miles to get to LHR in the first place. By contrast KLM, for example, don’t count the “getting to Amsterdam” part of your journey as if its a whole separate redemption of air miles, meaning you don’t waste a tonne of miles just getting to the place where they fly from. Unless anything has changed and I don’t know about it.

Not sure if I get what you mean here? Do you mean driving from your house to Heathrow, instead of flying from Bristol?

Couldn’t you just change the search to from Birmingham, for example? As opposed to letting them choose Heathrow for you?

FWIW though a National Express ticket is about £11 if you don’t book on the day, a mega bus ticket is only £8 or so (£8.50 incl booking fee)

If the merchant accepts it, of course you can!

I’m going to stick my head out here and say that aside from all of the interest free credit cards I’ve made use of in interest free loans over the last decade and a half, my BA AMEX as a normal everyday spend card has turned out to be a really good credit card for me personally. i’ve now accrued almost 100k air miles points, so I should actually start using them.

The AMEX app is pretty bloody good if I’m honest and when I pay my monthly bill from Starling, the credit to Amex is instantaneous. I don’t see that they would need to, but IF Starling Bank ever decided to integrate a credit card into their own app, then I’d be happy for them to do so with AMEX, but it doesn’t actually matter if they never do as the AMEX app is a cut above the rest of the credit card apps out there in my opinion.


Hi all,

So I just got an Amex Platinum Metal card but am unsure on it considering the £575 fee. It’s got a high value but my travel is only on UK rail sadly.

I like the app, and and love the metal. Also I like the fact that when I use it, there is no worry about a decline (like with Curve Metal or Revolut Metal). I know that its not accepted everywhere, but where I shop it is mainly accepted.

In terms of spending, I guess I could put about 20K in its direction but still unsure of its returns.

My partner uses a John Lewis card and we get vouchers to spend at Xmas (we collect over the year) and so far we have gotten about £65 so far. I’ll need to present a good argument for them to charge to our Amex.

So, I am thinking I might actually have to cancel this card as £575 cannot be justified.

Any thoughts…


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There is no fee on my BA Amex card. There’s no way I’d personally pay a £575 fee unless I was in the top ten rich list. Indeed, I’ve never paid any sort of fee for any credit card and nor would I. I guess though if you’re say for instance into lounge access and you are a frequent daily or weekly flyer, then if that sort of thing is included, great. I use airport lounges but I’m a bit tighter and I generally get cheap access by using MSE links.

As for metal cards, can’t actually see the point of them, but that’s a personal thing. I mean, unless you’re into stuffing them under people’s noses playing the big ‘I am’, then there seems little point. Good for applying filler into pock marked walls I suspect.

@anon63276888 What if there was no welcome bonus? Would you still get the BA Premium, or would you stick with Amex Gold, or something else? Perhaps a choice you will have to make in a year’s time.

I absolute love my platinum cashback everyday card, no fee and it’s literally free money for spending I would have been doing on another card anyway. I’ve had my card since February and so far have amassed £130 cashback, its not a massive amount but as I literally didn’t have to do anything to earn the cash (just day to say spending) it’s not to be grumbled at.

Out of interest, how is the cash back paid?

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They credit that amount to the card on the anniversary of you taking the card. So that’ll be February for you.

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£575 fee is a fee of £11.06 per week to have a metal credit card in your wallet.

Most places I go, I select one of my cards on my iPhone so nothing actually comes out of my wallet.

I spoke to AmEx CS today to ask about my balance and I asked them at the same time about if they planned to introduce fee-free FX

Apparently it’s being worked on :slight_smile: you guys might want to confirm that though with them as I couldn’t tell if they were considering it or being actively pushed for in coming months, from what the guy was saying

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Why do so many places have Amex stickers but but not take Amex :angry:


I report those establishments to Amex and normally the Amex sign is down within a week or so

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There’s a chain of gastropubs (for want of a better word) who have an advertised offer in the Amex app but have not, on several times I’ve tried at a couple of them, actually accepted Amex :thinking:

You should confront them about it and then later report them to AmEx.

If a place isn’t accepting AmEx and they can support it they’re in breach of their agreement :slight_smile:

That’s not true.

Many companies accept Amex and have Amex merchant agreements but its limited to online or some places.

Totally legal, totally within the scope of many merchant agreements.

Not sure where the myth comes from a company has to accept a type of card everywhere because they can.

He has said “when I’ve tried they’ve not actually accepted it”

I’m presuming he means they’ve refused to accept it rather than it was a choice

I tried to pay with Amex on Google Pay and the terminal said card type not supported. She told me they didn’t take it so I pointed to the sticker behind her and she said they didn’t take it.

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