Amex Offers

How do these work?

Are they per customer, or for all customers?

Are they only for certain cardholders? (e.g you could get them on the gold card but not the normal charge card)

FWIW I know I criticize things a lot (to say the least) I’m pleasantly surprised with:

  • The service (they unblocked a potentially fraudulent transaction within 3 minutes and I didn’t have to be transferred at all)
  • The points (I was spending the money anyways, right!)
  • The acceptance (I’ve only had a couple of merchants that didn’t accept it directly or through PayPal)
  • The app (I was expecting it to be poor but it’s actually alright and gives me instant notifications)

I’m also curious - do any of you hold 2 Amex cards? I can’t see the reason of why anyone would have two as their benefits are all roughly the same. Unless it was maybe a platinum/gold/other membership points card paired with the Marriot one. (But can’t you jus transfer points to them manually) I guess it might be worth the BA Premium and Gold to, as you get more points on the BA premium with BA + the companion ticket.


I haven’t made use of any of the Amex offers I’ve received so far, just using the card for the usual purchases, especially for things over £100 for the s.75 protection. I was also really pleased to be packing Amex on my trip to the US in May.

I have the standard BA card for collecting Avios points and I’ve accrued quite a few, well I’m up to 100,000.

I really like the Amex app. Probably one of the best to be fair and the instant notifications on payment and spending is really good. Only one thing missing for me, the option to freeze the card temporarily when not in use. Virgin Credit Card have introduced this and from a security perspective, I really like it.

You thought about upgrading to the premium one? If I wasn’t a student (e.g. I made over 10k a year) I’d probably be on the premium one because of the extra points (esp since double points on BA) (+ 1.5 points on normal spend)

This doesn’t bother me too much since the CS is banging and they have a fraud guarantee - dispute it and they’ll remove it from your statement and investigate it.

They even emailed me to have me call them to ask me if I wanted to dispute one :slight_smile:

I haven’t received any but tbf I’ve had the card for less than a week

Me too, going to start putting my mobile bill through it even when O2 stop paying it for me :^)

The Amex offers in the UK can differ by cardholder but there isn’t usually much variety between them - just that some are offered some at different times to different people and sometimes they would be limited to either their own cards or co-branded ones.

In my experience while some offers are ok, most are designed for those of a certain lifestyle. Other banks schemes tend to be of wider relevance to their customers imho.

As for their customer service - I don’t call them often but feel it’s gotten worse over the years and all card companies have some form of fraud guarantee so in many ways Amex isn’t anything special…

I’ve probably said it before, but I’m actually quite happy without that functionality: I’m sure card providers will eventually try to weasel themselves out of their fraud responsibility (eg “you were negligent when you didn’t freeze your card despite knowing you wouldn’t use it for the next 3 weeks”).

Exactly. The only cases where I have experienced fraud so far were with Barclays and NatWest. Both dealt with the fraud very effectively (blocked the card before i even became aware of the fraud).

And as for their offers: most don’t appeal to me. The one exception was when they had an offer on BP petrol.

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I get no targetted offers, and Amex are unwilling to explain why. I have a Platinum charge card and BAPP credit card.

The Amex offers for me seem fairly generic, but when 95% of your spend is Amazon, it’s pretty difficult to tailor it :joy:

I don’t think I’ve ever taken advantage of one of the offers - I would end up spending money at a place I wouldn’t normally spend money at, just to claim the offer.

Give me some examples of what you’ve got offered to you! :joy:

I know lots of people who get Wheely cash back offers and I dont. I figure it’s either because I don’t have my location turned on or because they see how how often I use the service and don’t want me claiming cash back for all my journeys

This is all you need :joy:


Bloody knew someone would make this joke :joy: I approve!!

How long did it take you guys roughly to get these offers?

Not long. In fact, I have only used my card once in the past year… so they seem to come regardless of usage… and as you can tell are pretty uniform regardless of card type

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How the heck did you get the Avios offer? I can’t find it anywhere!

Seems that some offers are exclusive. :angry:

i spend a LOT of Avios

I hope they give me some offers like that :joy: might make it viable for me to visit multiple times a year

So do I! Amex, what gives? :sweat_smile:

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They got the Curve marketing guy to write that offer… it’s not 10k extra Avios for spending £335, it’s 10k extra Avios when you spend £335 buying Avios points!

There isn’t much targeting going on with Amex offers (as the retailer is funding most of the deals), but don’t expect to get an offer on a retailer you use already.

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Well spotted. My interest on that offer just plummeted.