Amex Platinum Charge - alternative?


What are the chances of keeping a thread relatively mundane and to the point?

I expected a whole load of debate around alternatives to the Amex Platinum card… How wrong I was :joy:

Anyway, @MJH2907, did you find anything that takes your fancy?


You should’ve known better…

At this rate it’ll soon be time for a rebrand as there’ll be more politics, economics, and right wing talk than fintech talk on here :roll_eyes:

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I genuinely think this is a positive thing, it shows that this place is more, and can be more, than just one topic, which could help get more members; people come for the fintech, but stay because of the lively debate on all topics. I don’t understand why this has happened on this thread though, we all know there’s a place for it so it would be nice to not have it seep into everything else and just stay on the specific threads on that topic. We can debate whether Revolut is an awful company for example without it coming back to left/right and such, just by focusing on what they’re actually doing/saying.


That’s the biggest thing for me.

We all know people here have different views on the world - But 90% of this thread is off topic guff.

We have a place for it - If people want to discuss the pros and cons of shelf stackers and the right wing… Crack on!

But preferably leave it out of a thread on Amex alternatives - Which as you know, simply doesn’t exist :smiley:

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Yup, the discussion went completely off Road… No worries - was still quite interesting. From the other research I’ve been doing I’ve come to the conclusion there isn’t really another card out there that would give me the benefits I get from Amex Plat Charge… Which is rather annoying…


Not sure if you saw my message from before…


Agreed. As long as it doesn’t seep into every single thread on this forum…

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Yup - I think your points are valid. My complaint was pretty minor - confusion regarding a promo offer - but then I had 3 interactions with the CS via web chat that just really annoyed me… But, yes, normally Amex are quite good. In theory their CS team will ring me in couple of days to discuss so will see how that goes.


It’s probably harder to do because there’s always ideologies that we align ourselves with, like someone might believe it unreasonable for Revolut to work their staff hard because they disagree with a poor work life balance (this is typically a view from the left), while others may go “they can choose to work elsewhere” which is typically a more right-aligned ideology.

It’s a shame that everything has to always come down to it for sure, but I don’t think it’s particular avoidable in a debate. There are always two sides of a debate and their ideologies are normally polar opposites too.

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I think you’ll probably be debating on your own soon enough then if you cant manage to minimise it.


Itd probably help me stay up-to-date with my university work to be honest :joy:


Here’s an idea (genuine, not sarcastic), why don’t you make a new thread when a topic turns into something else?

This thread is for Amex alternatives - If I want to look back through it and see what people suggest, I don’t want to see your views on shelf stackers.

Then you can debate en mass (rather than mass… debate), until your heart is content :wink:


No permissions for me to move posts to the new topic, so I’d rather just wait for Liam to move it than have a topic that doesn’t make sense

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Now THIS sounds more like my sort of debate…


Yeah, but I mean you can do it as soon as you see the topic heading that way - Rather than derail every topic.

Like I said, I’ve no issue with you debating your views - But it would be much better to do so in their own threads.

Maybe create a “Recchan feedback” thread? :grin:

I’m assuming this is why the French kicked you out?

It’s a big no no doing it off the top of the Eiffel Tower…


I don’t see the topic heading that way until the topic has already been derailed or I would :sweat_smile: that’s why I just wait until Liam splits threads

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Keep up, I’m back, at least until 00:00 on the 30th March… then we’ll see if they kick me out. Besides, who is better at gently caressing their baguettes than the French?

Aside from the Washington Monument in DC has there ever been a structure more phallic than that one? They’re asking for you to 'leave a comment in the visitors book.


The gherkin in London has gotta be pushing for that title.

They might as well have called it the mini aubergine, and we all know what this emoji really means…


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I always thought that looked more like a :peach: :electric_plug:

Yes, a fruity power cable. I have an odd imagination.


Discussing keeping on topic by going off topic to discuss going off topic but keeping on topic. Not sure I see the logic in that.