Amex shop small offer

Not sure if it was worth a new thread But with the economic impact I figured it worth highlighting.

Amex is running their shop small promotion again until September 2020

£5 back when you spend £10 or more, and usable up to 10 times.

You can activate it in your offers tab.


Pre Covid, I was of course also getting these small shop offers from Amex via email but I’ve never utilised them.

Finding a small shop in my locale that actually accepts Amex is another matter. My local Indian takeaway does take Amex though and I do love a great curry. Perhaps I should treat myself.

They have a map on the website to help find some of these shops.

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One of my local shops stopped taking Amex altogether in the middle of the promotion. I do wonder how great it is for the businesses. If more of their sales are paid with Amex, isn’t that going to increase their costs?

Really depends. It’s hard to say what the total costs are are there’s a slew of middle men usually with all these card providers. A shop not accepting a card anymore could be as simple as them changing providers or ISO who don’t provide as many options.

I know Amex cut fees in 2018 a bit, I also know that Amex customers tend to spend more than Visa or MasterCard.

I know for a fact there are stores that don’t accept AmEx on my local list… its very infuriating so Im going to throw a complaint to AmEx and see if they’ll throw me any pennies for it

It costs me the same no matter what card a customer uses. I think some merchants pay more for amex though.
If it sends custom their way, I’m sure they’d be happy


No idea how they compile it. It’s definitely less than accurate for the shops near me. Pretty sure some of them don’t even exist any more.

Square seems to be making big inroads near me. So, acceptance is actually improving overall. It’s shops with the old-school terminals that are a bit iffy

Dunelm mill didn’t take amex yesterday. I was quite surprised. Amex, Costco etc did though.
I thought the ones on the shop small list were those using amex merchant services, as I accept amex but not on the list? I use stripe and sumup

I think you need to have a merchant agreement with Amex directly to be listed. There’s a load of T&C’s somwhere.

Generally Amex have cut fees; we pay 0.3% debit, 0.7% credit and 1.55% Amex. It’s a big jump but I’m happy to accept them. Frustratingly they only list one of our stores, they always add the second when I raise it, but you have to jump through a lot of hoops!


To be fair, Dunelm make this quite clear on their payment page:

I was in the shop, so didn’t see the payment page. It wasn’t a problem, just used a MasterCard instead.
I’ve ordered something else from there today and used amex through paypal

As a matter of interest, do PayPal charge any fees for completing transactions on behalf of Amex? I personally never use my Amex card in association with PayPal.

The merchant will pay PayPal’s processing fee, same for all card types.
No fee for the purchaser


Does anyone know when/where the 5er appears??

I saved the offer to card, spent 40 quid in one of the listed locations and there doesn’t appear to be any return yet?

You usually get an email, it then appears as a credit a day or so later.


Yeah thanks it’s just gone on as credit today.

I’ve been taking in this promo for few years now. I can’t remember getting emails confirming the transaction, but they always credited the amount without a couple of days max.