Amex SMS notification issues?

So, I have SMS notifications on with amex that send me a text the day before a DD is collected (don’t ask me why - I’ve been meaning to turn this off for a while… )

Today I’ve received 8 of those in a single day. Anyone else experiencing this?

I guess it might finally “force” me to switch those off…

Yes. Multiple notifications of the account balance.

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Yep also had multiple texts today

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I also received a number of these texts. If I am out of the country, and outside of the EU, will I be charged an extraordinary rate to receive these texts?

Depends on your provider. But I would say if would appear unusual to be charged for receiving text messages. I don’t think any of the mainstream ones do in the UK.

Will depend on your mobile provider, and which country. So the answer is possibly. Pay as you go probably unless you have a bundle, contract unlikely.

All networks charge in some countries, he didn’t state which country though.

Interesting. I have never been charged for receiving texts in any country. Learn something new every day!

Yeah nowadays most plans its free but some still charge, when we was in Mexico last year 02 was charging but luckily for me with three it was free. However they still like to charge for voicemail in some countries even if texts are free. A big rip of outside the EU

Yeah, voicemail while roaming is one of my really big annoyances! I always (try to remember to) switch it off when travelling abroad…