Amex - "Your Card was removed from Google Pay"

I’ve received an email from Amex telling me that my card has been successfully delinked from my Google Pay account. I didn’t request this and have no idea why I’ve received the email. Checking Google Pay, my card still appears to be there.

I’ve spoken to Amex and they’ve confirmed it all looks OK at their end and to just ignore the email. I’m not too happy as I’d at least like to know why I’ve received the email. I’ve asked them to investigate and provide an update when they have more information.

Has anyone else received a message like this? Just wondering if they’ve had a wider issue with their system sending incorrect emails.


No emails recently, but I have had seemingly random ones where Amex say it’s been removed, but I’ve put that down to me wiping phones which had an Amex card enrolled on, and at some point later Amex seem to be notified and unenroll the card.

It would help if they told you which device it removed from.


That’s the thing, they checked and said it hasn’t been removed. If it’s just a system error then fine, but I’d like them to explain it for my own peace of mind.

I wouldn’t trust anything the first line staff say, they have limited knowledge and no real interest in helping I’ve found.

When I had 4 phones registered they were unable to tell me anything about which devices the cards were registered to.

Had a very different experience with AmEx frontline staff, I never speak to more than one person to solve my problem, end to end