An option to erase threads

It would be a good thing to permit to eliminate a Thread introducing an option in the forum. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Why not just don’t post it in the first place. Save us all a bit of time.

It’s bad enough some members of the other place closing down a post to prevent discussion.

Don’t want to discuss it? Don’t post it.


But why?

If you want to remove your comments that’s one thing. I you remove a thread you are removing others comments. That doesn’t sound right.

Perhaps it’s better to consider ones comments before hitting the post button.


If I open, for example, a thread in a wrong section…

I have to modify the thread writing in it “wrong thread”

ok, to be able to delete a Thread without any comment would be positive

You can do that already.

If you open a thread in the wrong section, move it into the right one… or ask a moderator to do it.


I recommend you frame your questions with some context rather than as glib one liners. That way, others will understand what you’re asking and be able to provide better answers.

If you post a thread your posting to a public forum. When doing so you should make a conscious decision if that thread is appropriate or not for the internet.

Regardless if you attempted to delete it later, the contents of what you posted have been saved forever by web crawlers.

There is otherwise no other real reason to delete a thread, nor imo should there be a burden to do so by moderators because someone changed their mind.

If you post in the wrong section, title was wrong or missed something, you can just move your topic to the right section and update your title and post.

I’d be cautious of editing your posts to remove the content for no reason as you may in the long run alienate yourself to the people who took the time out of their lives to reply to you.