....... And a happier 2021, eh?

Well there it is…

Have as good a holiday as possible. Remember this - necking a bottle of Bailey’s by 11.30am tomorrow will not - repeat NOT - end well…just saying :flushed:

Best wishes :clinking_glasses:


Even though I am no fan of Christmas, salutations all the same.

I’ve had two cans of Hobgoblin, several glasses of Prosecco and a couple of glasses of Baileys. I’ve got a bottle of Bollinger in the fridge to wash down my Weetabix when I get up. I do forsee a big headache by 10 am tomorrow morning. :nauseated_face:

Merry Christmas to all :+1:


Merry Christmas to all.

Whatever you are doing (or not doing) for the occasion I wish you a peaceful and restful day :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas everybody!

(Hopefully you are feeling OK @Topsy2, don’t forget to have plenty of water!)



Yes, all good here. Although there’s no Christmas in this house insofar as probably many others experience, mostly due to the fact we don’t have kids! things are all good. 'Er indoors is about to stick a really lovely dinner on the table and at the end of the day, that trumps any gifts in my book! The Prosecco is flowing!! :crazy_face:

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I reckon, based on the rest of your post, that Christmas is alive and well and doing alright, thankyou very much, in Chez Topsy2 :grinning:


Merry Christmas everyone, hope you’ve all had a great day. I’m exhausted now… two little kids (and one not so little), so I was up late last night preparing the place for Santa’s arrival, then I was up very early to see if he’d been :woozy_face:

Once the little ones are asleep I’ll be having a well earned glass of wine or three :champagne::+1:t2:


A bit late here, but Merry Christmas / happy holidays to all of you! Hope you all enjoyed a great toy day! Best wishes for the new year!


Best wishes to you and your respective people. :slight_smile::+1:


Same again, wishing you all a better New Year!

For the squeamish amongst you, don’t switch on the News at 23.00 hours UK time tonight because it might spoil your evening…just sayin :laughing: