And.... BA Are down again

BA seem to go down more often than a cheap hooker (am I allowed to say on that here?)


FCM travel went down today as well, not sure if related… probably though.

I’m sure the management of BA are doing it on purpose to sell the company so they rake in a nice bonus. No other reason why they haven’t fixed the problem that keeps repeating and has done for years.

Not at all. I assume that’s a reference to a reasonably-priced rugby front-rower who’s a little unsteady on his feet?


BA also died earlier today so I couldn’t check the cost of a flight from Heathrow to Tokyo :sob:

#firstworldproblems :wink:

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I like flying with BA and do when I can, but when the price is £200 extra for the same route, time and day, I just can’t justify it.

I’ve been upgraded and treated well a few times, I can’t stand flying and BA and easyjet are great if you don’t like flying.

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Club is BA’s business class, between first and premium economy. It’s fantastic!

I worked for BA some time ago, left in the early 2000s. Not long after, they outsourced a lot of their IT. I honestly don’t think they would have had the same issues had they kept it in house. They never had a single outage while I was there or, by all accounts, for many years before I joined.

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Tell me about it… Having to check prices

I like BA, generally are my first choice, KLM second at the moment.

I’ve gotten to the point, I’ll no longer fly budget… unless they are the only option.

Given the absolute ball ache that Easyjet put my wife and I through last year after cancelling our flight.

I fly almost exclusively with BA and AA and besides the prices being a bit higher than others my only criticism is lack of WiFi on A380.

I find their whole experience very good

Depends what you call a bit, for this trip I’m on now it was £450 more with BA

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I put my entire company spend and recharge on my Amex BA Plus card so I don’t think I’ve paid full price for a BA flight in a long time because of the miles I earn. But I prefer flying out of Heathrow so I’m used to paying between 10% and 20% more for my flights when I pay full price

Should try flying out of Scotland… connecting flight via Heathrow is a cheap option :wink:

I am going to retract this quote as I’ve spent 2 days on hold trying to get a booking issue corrected. Their overseas call centre SUCKS!!!