And I bet the pick n mix still costs more than the movie

Odeon in Leicester Sq is under fire overcharging more than £40 per seat.

Apparently, the newly re-furbished cinema features ‘cutting-edge audio-visual technology’.

But 40 quid, though…

It depends on what they’re offering if it’s worth it or not. I went to a cinema where they had a screen with a lot less people, a table beside your far more comfier seats for food and drink. Also someone will bring you drinks during the film and a restaurant and bar before you go in.

It was more expensive but a much nicer experience so worth it.

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I guess if people pay it then there’s an argument that it’s worth it.
They’d have to be bloody good though.

Even Everyman doesn’t charge £40 for their small-room sofa cinemas.

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We’ve got an Odeon Luxe in Telford where the whole cinema is kitted out with leather recliners and tables. The food options are really good as well. I use Perk at Works and get tickets for £6, which makes it worth it. There’s an iSense screen with Dolby Atmos too, which is a good experience.
2 mins drive away is a Cineworld with IMAX too.
I do have an Unlimited card and visit Cineworld more often, even though the seats are material, it’s stadium seating with leg room and no horrible fold up seats.
I think it depends on what the film is (whether it’s an IMAX film mainly) as to which one I choose. Talk about spoilt for choice!

If you can, visit the Laser IMAX at Cineworld Sheffield. The picture quality is amazing and the screen is huge. Make sure it’s an IMAX film like Avengers Infinity War Part 2, for example.


So it’s probably double the price of the place I went to but it does have a cocktail bar and probably the most modern cinema at the moment so I can see how they can justify it.

Makes it more of a nice night out than just going to the cinema. Maybe they’re going down the experience route which is apparently the only way to stay in business against online competition.

I’d want them to throw in the first cocktail at that price.

They’ll maybe bring it to your seat :wink:

Haha, well at least that’s something.

Maybe on a Meerkat Movies deal I might consider it.

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Why all the withdrawn posts…? :roll_eyes:

(Oh well…:weary:)