Anybody else with Santander?


Is anybody else here with Santander for their legacy bank account?

I have the ‘Everyday Account’ with them, and I have to say they’re the best legacy bank I’ve ever been with. I’ve always found the CS very helpful, and I particularly like that for non urgent queries you can send them a secure message through online banking.

The charges can hit if you fall into an unarranged overdraft, but I just know now to always set my standing orders and direct debits to a different date when required.

I think as far as legacy banks go, they’re the best I’ve personally ever been with.

I’ve been with Natwest in the past but found them pretty awful.


They’re fine on the phone I suppose but you will most likely get a response to a secure message that doesn’t really help or answer the question.

Their app was terrible when I was with them, loading screens everywhere and so slow. When It automatically logged you out no matter what app you were on the santander app would pop up just to tell you it has logged out. Awful, never again! :joy:


It’s a lot better now! Very fast, responsive and I’ve always found the secure messages detailed and answered exactly what I wanted it to.

Yeah the main app doesn’t show pending transactions but you can download the wallet app and they also show on there.


it’s not just the app, it’s their outdated attitude. They didn’t support android pay for at least six months after it was released and were nagged to death about it so they might have learnt their lesson.

I don’t understand how people can be happy with these banks. As you’ve said the issue isn’t that they have pending transactions, they don’t even show them! They never have and still don’t. You having to use a separate app is not a good thing.


They’re providing the best service for me at the moment. Monzo has turned to trash and I still have 2 months left on my Starling ban. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I’ve just tried the app, yes that is a massive improvement but can you do everything via the app such as change address?

I don’t hate santander but I think starling is much better.


I think you still have to do that through online banking.


I was with santander for a current account for a while. I couldn’t stand either their app or their online banking.

Their phone customer service has been pretty good at the occasions that I needed it.

If you are looking at legacy banks: did I mention that Barclays is pretty good? :wink:


So all they’ve done is made the app pretty, added long overdue fingerprint login and made it a bit faster. I can do everything in the starling app and they can’t match that.


Barclays don’t allow students to have a standard current account. You have to have their ‘student additions’ account and I’ve no interest in that.


Metro and Nationwide are the legacy bank/building society for me. Both have good CS, 24 hour contact points. Nationwide app could use some improvements but the Metro one is great.


Of course they do. Not sure where you are getting that information from.

(Marcel Ruhf) #13

When you apply for a Barclays Bank Account online, you are asked whether you are a student and if yes, they stop you from proceeding.


It’s an automated system it feels a Student account is best for Students, however you can open a normal current account as a Student. I was disagreeing with the you have to have a student account, you do not have to have one. They maybe need to look at changing the online application process then.


If it says that on the online application, aren’t people automatically going to think they don’t allow standard accounts for students? How many people are going to think to go out of their way to make a branch visit to verify?

(Ashley Quint) #16

I left them for Nationwide over 10 years ago - their attitude wasn’t for me.


Had current account with them 9 years ago.
I really like Barclays best legacy bank for me.
Last month I fully switched to Starling so no more legacy bank accounts.