Anybody know any numberless cards yet?

Apart from Samsung Pay and Curve Investors as I have all Apple devices and cannot become a Curve investor.

Had numerous problems when travelling that a numberless card would solve so would be good to get one for my next travels, whenever that maybe.

Vivid cards are as good as numberless. Only the last 4 digits (and your name) are on it. But had a quick glance and looks like Vivid is still not available in the UK. It’s a free metal card with some nice cashback offers.

I really like my numberless Curve Investor card, but it could have been so much better/safer if it would have been possible to disable contactless payments with the card in the Curve app.


Vivid does look good!

The next best thing to proper granular card controls is to simply lock your Curve card when not using it - you can then unlock in the app just before paying.

That’s probably my too much trouble for most people, but it does massively reduce the chances of your card details getting used fraudulently if they are stolen.