Anyone been furloughed?

As per the title really.

So I was furloughed with effect from the 1st of April because my employer paid my wages in full for the whole of March. I received my first furlough salary on 24 April. I have to say, I’m quite impressed by the speed this all happened and if I’m honest, even a 20 percent reduction in my wage isn’t an issue. My Wife is working from home and is therefore not forking out £40 a week on petrol and I’m not spending any money on myself, so we’re no worse off than before the lockdown commenced. I’m also fortunate that I have a final salary pension paid monthly.

I’d go fruit picking if I lived anywhere near a fruit farm, but seeing as I’m not allowed to travel, the fruit farmers can keep flying in their workers from Romania because after all, that is far cheaper and makes absolute financial sense :laughing:

Why are you not allowed to travel?

You’ll have to forgive me, but I thought we were on lockdown and somehow I can’t see over zealous Rozzers thinking that travelling at least 80 miles to a fruit farm, is necessary travel. Plus I’m over 50, so that probably puts me at some risk, espeically if I ended working with people who have been shipped in from another EU Country that have quite literally ‘waltzed in’ with no Covid 19 checks done on them at their airport of entry. Or perhaps I’m just overthinking things :laughing:

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Over 50 potentially puts you at slightly higher risk depending on your lifestyle, but a job counts as necessary travel. So there wouldn’t be any issue travelling to a new job (regardless of distance).

You’re assuming all County Forces are singing off the same hymn sheet which I can assure you they are not, despite what the Government keep putting out. At the end of the day, even if I were allowed to travel 80 miles to a place of work and work alongside a bunch of folks from another Country who haven’t been medically cleared on arrival, then logic says anyone anywhere should be able to break the lockdown and go where they want, work purposes or otherwise. You probably think I’m now being argumentative, but there it is.

Kind of depends on the job?

Now, far be it from me to be picky, but I’m really corpsing trying to visual that. A tad Pythonesque, I reckon. :joy:

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I’m not aware on any restriction on travel if you need to travel for work.

But there are a lot of businesses in lockdown, so I guess “need” is the operative word?

Ultimately, that might actually be factually correct. I would however argue about whether distance involved would be seen as ‘reasonable’. For instance I have offered a member of my own family my labour services for free in return for bed and board, but they live over 200 miles away. I’m almost betting that if I decided to travel that distance tomorrow, even to carry out legitimate albeit unpaid employment, I reckon I’d get pulled on my four hour journey because my car would flash up on at least one Rozzer traffic unit ANPR with an address bloody miles from where it should be. Any copper worth their salt should legitimately question whether I was travelling a reasonable distance to a place of work, irrespective of the fact I would be offered bed and board with my own family member. Oh, and yes, the rules are quite clear on that aren’t they? no visiting family members you don’t ordinarily live with just in case you inadvertently pass Covid 19 to them. And yet, foreign workers can just fly in from other Euorpean Countries with by the airports own admissions, no medical checks. I could if I were offered work by a fruit farm, just work alongside these workers then go home and possibly infect my own Wife with the virus.

That’s not employment under any legal terms as far as I’m aware.

I’m not aware of reasonable being part of the rules.

The rules are the following: you should work at home unless it’s impossible to do so. End of rules. That’s it.

The government recognises that not all jobs allow for being able to work from home. And those jobs are perfectly acceptable to go to work for. There’s no restriction on distance.

There is no legal reason for the police to stop you from going to legitimate work which cannot be done at home.

I know people who do it. Some who travel 50-100 miles a day around the country to work, people transporting their machinery 500 miles for a 1000 mile round trip. Others driving daily long distances for their job.

It’s perfectly acceptable.


I work in the an HR dept and I can tell you the furlough scheme works very efficiently from an employers perspective, almost feels like something the government has been planning for a long time.

We processed our payroll as normal, our payroll software had a furlough option in it and the day the furlough portal opened we uploaded our details and got our money a few days later.


It certainly does appear to have worked efficiently as far as my own employer is concerned. I think from when the Government officially opened the scheme for employers to apply for furlough funds, it was only about 3 days later that I received my first furlough wage. Nothing whatsoever to complain about there.

I was made involuntary redundant as the company is being wound up as was only a little family company and they couldn’t afford building rent etc so waiting for my universal credit claim still

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I’m genuinely sad to read of your current situation. I cannot begin to imagine what impact this may be having and so you have my heartfelt best wishes that the situation will improve. I guess I’m extremely fortunate in many ways in that even if I end up losing my job as a result of the current situation, I have another source of income to carry on.


Thank you for your best wishes I can’t complain tho there are people out there who have lost love ones or been seriously ill with this virus


Pretty rough going, but I suppose it’s the ‘interesting times’ we are living through.

Hope those who are furloughed are called back into work as soon as is safe and hope that the economy can get going quickly on the other side so there will be jobs for those who need them.

You’re right though, health is number one right now.