Anyone in America at the moment?

I’m trying to sign up for Movies Anywhere but it will only allow registration from within the USA.

I’ve tried a few VPN’s but nothing gets past their security.

Movies Anywhere allows you to aggregate your Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon Prime etc movies accounts into one place.

If anyone can help I’d greatly appreciate it.

Have you tried using one of the chrome browser based vpns like upvn. I tend to use that or kaspersky vpn and not had a problem but not tried that site.

Dunno what your tech skills are like but you could create a Temporary windows server at, install Chrome and sign up that what.

Probably cost less than $10 as you won’t need it for long, and they have VPS’ all over the US

I just got back from the US last week. I did actually manage to sign up to Movies Anywhere a couple of months ago using Private Internet Access.

Via Zenmate Chrome Extension

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ProtonVPN allowed me to get access to Hulu but didn’t work for that’s lmao

I used boxpn and their Netflix east profile. Let’s me get to sign up to enter details. Didn’t try to complete it

I use this for my home connection in general

Tested at the weekend with MoviesAnywhere. Netflix doesn’t like it but everything else is fine (Hulu, CBS etc)