Anyone used Moneyfarm before?

My friend has just come into some significant amount of monies. He wants to diversify his portfolio. He asked me about Moneyfarm but I haven’t used them before and wondering if anyone has and can enlighten me about their ROI with them?

I had an ISA with them for a while. The returns were decent and I was pretty happy with them, but then they upped their fees, so I moved my ISA elsewhere. Their fees are fairly similar to a lot of other robo-advisors, so not ridiculous, but also not super low. If your friend is looking for a robo-advisor type setup, then I would say Moneyfarm are a decent choice - neither way better nor way worse than other similar products out there.

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Thanks for this, yes, fees can play a big part when an amount in the fund is substantial. I think they are managing over a billion in AUM…