Anyone using Artha?

(DΛVΞ) #1

I’d seen that First Direct recently released Artha on iOS, and it’s coming to Android in the not too distant future.

Has anyone used it yet?

I noticed that it’s powered by Bud, and remembered that I’d gone on the waiting list to test Bud over a year ago, so chased it up on Twitter. They confirmed they’re basically offering their app white label now, and also offering access to their API. I wonder if Starling could eventually leverage Bud to include account aggregation within the Starling app?


I did use it and reported a few bugs, which were turned around fast.

It’s rather clunky, I still have it, but no longer use as I don’t have any services listed on the Market+ screen.

I use Emma now, far more intuitive plus more connections on the horizon.

(Jim) #3


I tried, but was so clunky. Not surprised they are pulling it.