Anything like Revolut but for SIM?


I’m looking for a service like Revolut that would let me get phone numbers in foreign countries (preferably with data and texts)

Needs to be able to receive texts definitely) /).(\

Particularly interested in +81 numbers. I would be fine with paying a monthly fee for it.

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I use a Truphone PAYG sim next to my EE sim

For me the Truphone sim gives me the ability to receive calls on a US number but also call out and text.

I’ve done extensive research on this and the conclusion I’ve come to is that what you’re looking for is available but it’s not cheap.

Truphone is 6p per minute to call, 6p per text and 6p per MB. It’s great as a secondary sim for a specific use like mine but a “revolut of sims” isn’t there yet


Have a look at TalkU. Call quality seems much improved. I use it in uk and south africa.

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It’s a shame you need the texts - I’d have recommend a VoIP provider for getting local phone numbers. I use a couple of providers at work to give us American and Australian (landline) numbers.

SMS make it tricky.

A Japanese SIM might be the way you go?


I should probably elaborate! I need it to sign up to some Japanese services, so the number needs to be active (like pay as you go is here) or on contract :joy:

Which is why I need to receive texts!

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I’d say you need an imported Japanese SIM then. eBay or


You can buy SIM cards on eBay?!

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I provided a link to one. :arrow_up:


Kms I missed that that’s an ebay link completely

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Is there not a Japanese version of txtlocal?
I think messagebird offer Japanese SMS and voice numbers. They will be sent and received via their platform.

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£28 for a Prepaid sim!?!!

Jeez… I guess you could save £4 on Amazon lol


Those are time limited though :sob: I need one that doesn’t die after a month

  • Would something like this help??


Yeah something like that would be perfect :wink: thanks

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As an international student from Norway living int the US, I use Google Voice. Since I already get free roaming abroad from my Norwegian carrier, I don’t see the reason in paying for yet another number. Google Voice provides me with what I want, however. I’d like to see they add more countries.


I don’t think Google Voice is supported in the United Kingdom sadly, can it receive texts though, I’m curious now! :smile:

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What I like about Google Voice is that I don’t need an additional SIM, it all goes through an app. On iOS it has the VOIP integrations so calls shows up as native calls, text however have to go through their own app. You can receive/make calls/texts for free. Granted, this is Google so they are probably collecting some kind of date. I would love to see someone else to this and I would be happy to pay for it. If there was a provider who could give me the same experience, but also give me a US, UK and a Norwegian number, I would be happy.

According to this article, it should be avaialbe in the UK. However, you can’t have both a UK and a US number, you would need two Google accounts unfortunately.


So you couldn’t get a number from a foreign country?

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I am not sure I understand your question. Is quite easy to get a foreign number while being in a foreign country, however. Having a physical SIM means I would usually have to swap it with another one, which is not ideal. With Google Voice you don’t need an aditional sim, but only get ONE more country.


What a shame!

Edit: this is incredibly weird since this is a GSuite account though!