Anything like Revolut but for SIM?

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I have a Google Voice account and have since 2013

I can get texts

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If you’re into coding something take a look at Twillio.

I’ve not done anything with their sim offering yet but I was able to create a script forwarding multiple global numbers and sms to my phone with ease.

Getting their programmable sim up and running is on my todo list


I’ve just implemented twilio for my wife’s business last weekend, so she can publish a phone number without being inundated on her private mobile, and it works really well:

Phone calls get routed to a sip client, texts are forwarded to her mobile.

I haven’t yet managed to figure out how to reliably send texts from the twilio number though.

I have used vyke for years. They have always been good.


This honestly seems like my best option. I’m fine with messing around with programmable SIMs. Would you know how it’d work with networks? Is this irrelevant since its only for receiving?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the app, but have to say I am quite dissapointed with the user interface. It is ugly, but the main issue is the lack of optimization for iPhones newer than a few years.


Fair enough. I’m on android, so don’t really know their iPhone app…