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I have 2 x ID’s on Apple one one which is used for everything e.g. pics, backup, macbook and phones etc and I have another ID that use for the Appstore on Mac and iOS. This happened because I had an iPhone when they first came out and I made an ID then and when I decided to get a Mac I made a ‘proper’ one on iCloud.

Now my question is how to I drop the Appstore one and move it all over to iCloud?

Google isn’t really helping.

not easily is the simple answer

I ended up with 4 and at somepoint I decided I just had to stop using 3 of them.

There is no way to merge icloud accounts and apple ID’s (at least that I am aware of). I wasted many many hours of google searching

I don’t get why they make it so hard, I mean all I wanna do is merge one out


You need to stop using your ‘icloud’ one and use your ‘app store’ one going forward. Just start backing up to this account, and you’ll keep all your purchased apps.

There’s no ‘proper’ or ‘fake’ Apple IDs - they are all as good as each other.

In the meantime, I would set up Family Sharing, and add the two accounts together.

I want my iCloud one to be my main account though and drop the old one.

I’m the same. I use iCloud as the “main” Apple ID when signing into any services, and the “App Store” Apple ID for anything store related (which in reality is just the App Store.

It’s no big drama, although I’d prefer the one account.

Back in the day, when migrating from over to, Apple asked whether that ID should be also used the App Store and iTunes Store. I remember having to make a decision and there was a deadline to complete this too. I also remember it being not able to be undone.

I also only recently discovered that it was possible to use @icloud as my primary ID and erase all traces of @me. After the transition, Apple continued to force @me upon us. It was always possible to use either but everything reverted back to I wanted to delete all traces of @me but it always showed up somewhere. Now, I’ve deleted all traces of it apart from iMessage and FaceTime.

Considering Apple’s how highly Apple places ease of use in all of their design decisions, Apple ID has to be the most awkward and un-user friendly thing they produce. I bet we’ve all got multiple Apple IDs because they were just so unclear how to proceed and how they were linked to the App Store and iCloud etc. Imagine how older people feel. They should also allow the limited merging of accounts. I bet this is something so do with music and film labels and licensing as it’s very unlike Apple to be so backward.

I like my iCloud .me compared to the iCloud address.

Just do that then. You can’t merge accounts, just drop the one you don’t want.

I can’t because all the stuff I have purchased is associated to that ID

How much? In that case you can just keep using both or drop the one you don’t buy stuff with.

The id isn’t that important and you can use your own domain for email if you wanted it doesn’t cost much.

This was always my guess. If you allowed merging of accounts you could sell or give away your licensed content as a bundle to someone else, and I think that’s against the T&Cs (could be wrong). You could of course just sell the whole ID to someone else anyway, but you’re probably less likely to if it is in your name.

Sounds like @anon36870340 is in the same position as me, and many others I know.

Effectively, pre MobileMe/iCloud, we would all use our existing AppleID to purchase apps (a gmail, hotmail or any other email address you had).

Then MobileMe/iCloud came along, and offered the wonderful syncing service, which created a new Apple ID.

For those who hadn’t used their previous ID for many paid purchases, this wasn’t a massive issue, as you could just use the new to re buy, or simply ignore the old purchases.

I had quite a few paid for purchases, so I kept the 2 running side by side, with the assumption that one day you could merge them.

Fast forward to now, and I’d have to spend a ton of money to re-buy the old apps with me Apple ID, so I’m left with 2 running side by side.

It’s not disastrous, as my is my main AppleID when signing into things, but the old AppleID is used for App Store purchases exclusively.

It works, but it’s annoying for anyone who likes to keep things simple.


Exactly this

Sorry I’m still a bit confused. Are you saying your original Apple ID is running on a different service and doesn’t offer iCloud?

Can the account not be converted to add iCloud services?

I have an Apple ID which is my gmail address, it was created recently.

If it’s just mail you want you can add an email to your account.

No, what we are saying is that our main account is (or

That takes care of syncing everything, and is the main AppleID whenever asked for things.

The one time it’s not, is for purchases - In those instances (on the App Store), we still need to use our old ID - Which is an old email address.

It doesn’t impact the service we receive at all - It’s just frustrating we can’t change that old AppleID to the iCloud/Me ID.

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Ok… so unless I’m missing something, why don’t you just use your old Apple ID for everything?

You can change it’s address if needed (Even add a new iCloud address), and the only thing you’d miss is email through the iCloud address you had, which while a pain, doesn’t take to long to transition over to a new address anyway. And you may even want to use your own domain for email with the opportunity.

In my instance, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

But… I had previously used my email pretty exclusively for the best part of 6 years - So it seemed like a pretty big upheaval.

That being said, I don’t believe you can change an AppleID to something already registered as an AppleID.

So if you change your old ID (the App Store one), to own domain email, you then cant change your iCloud ID to the same (I think).

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You definitely can’t with an iCloud address but I’m unsure about your own domain. You would be able to register a new email under your own domain, perhaps just not the same email. Though you could test that by removing the email form the other account.

I know the pain I’ve done this, but if your experience is anything like mine it’s mainly just a litre maintain everything over a few months to update emails as they come in, a good opportunity to unsubscribe, and set up auto forwarding.

I’ve just tried, and it’s impossible to set it up so that 2 different AppleID’s share the same email address (ultimately, that’s merging them to a degree).

I can change them both independently, but they still have to be different.

I could set up a “” email to use as the App Store email address, and have that forwarded to my actual email address…

Then change the iCloud email to “” - Which is what I’ve moved everything over to recently…

I might do that!

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