Apple Keynote 10/09/19 Discussion

Just starting this now as its going to be tomorrow and interested to see what people are expecting or looking forward to?

Also seeing reactions to what gets shown.

Im pretty set ill get the New phone in largest size and I was waiting for apple watch series 5 for ages but been hearing its gonna be minor refresh so maybe ill opt to S4 if the S5 is minor improvements.

I am wanting a new iphone not sure if will go for the XR successor or the XS max successor.

I know they are bringing out the tile tracker thing but tbh I don’t know what I would stick it in… maybe my wallet but I can’t see it being thin enough.

Im rocking

2018 MBP 13’

2019 iPad Pro 11’ - Pencil 2 - Folio Keyboard Case

iPhone 8Plus Although I use my Oppo R17pro since being in China for the past year.

I need a new phone and then im hoping for the watch being improved most

iOS 13 :eyes:

Wait until Black Friday and buy last years phone at much more favourable prices?

What I did last year with the X… no regrets :smiley:

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I was going to do that but I want the reverse charging for AirPods badly.

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Which will be great if they actually made the flipping iPhone battery bigger to last longer. I have so many features switched off because they make the bloody thing so thin that the battery doesn’t last. Sucking battery from the iPhone to actually charge other devices sounds really unappealing.

AirPods charge really quick even through wireless charging. I guess I am just willing to pay the extra for new model to know I can give me AirPods emergency juice if needed… so many times I wish I could have done this.

How much did you pay??

for an X… £600 or something from John Lewis


I will always be using your method now :love_you_gesture: perhaps if I don’t want the newest phone anyways

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That’s a bargain.

it was something like that, my mum also needed a new phone, so she bought my 7 for below market value.

So win/win

Hence the old saying, “Watch that Lord Chimpington, he’d sell his own mother a phone!”

To be fair… I’d have given her it… but she dumped down cash and walked out.

I’m not complaining

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I see the analyst says no wireless charging now.


oh boy I want S5 badly… always on display…

I must say, I’m really impressed with the Apple TV+.

An incredible $4.99/mo, for a family subscription, and the first year free when you buy a new iPad, iMac, MBP or iPhone.

That’s better value than a Monzo Plus subscription!!

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