Apple Pay Cash in UK

So this popped up on my phone today

Wondering if this means Apple Pay Cash launch is imminent in the UK.

I haven’t been able to set it up yet, and I am running on a beta iOS but my settings are all setup for the UK


It showed up on my iPhone around 4 months ago - since iOS 12 was launched anyhow. When trying to register, it requires US details and social security number.

Fingers crossed it is coming soon, but I wouldn’t hold you breath.


Since Apple Pay Cash requires a bank im still hoping they’ll partner with Starling for the processing. I think it would be a good match.

Also given that Starling are expanding into Europe they could probably handle the Eurozone as well

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I had it when I installed the Dev of iOS 12 last year. Never worked as not in the UK and needs US address and ID

I don’t see Apple and Starling partnering.

I’d hazard a guess at Barclays as they’ve had quite a long relationship with the finance element in stores.

Plus Barclays are massive.

Although imagine would a coup it would be for Starling!


Apple Pay Cash partnered with the US Equivalent of Advanced Payment Solutions in the UK. So there is nothing to say they will partner with a bank.


As much as I’d like to see it launched, I’m not sure I’d have much use for it (just want more tech )


I’d see little use from it too because Revolut split bill already exists and works on iOS and Android to be honest. I’d like it to increase the financial competitiveness of the market.

I’m starting to believe it’s never going to arrive

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I’d rather have the Apple Credit Card than this :smiley:

It might do as Sachs start to expand Marcus - could be their pilot that allows them to test the waters without damaging the brand

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I hope so