Apple Photos or Google Photos

Hi all.

I’m looking for a cloud based photo app so I can actually look at my photos rather than have them stored on a hard drive!

  • I want to be able to back up all my photos (approx. 250gb), I have RAW and normal jpegs.

  • I ideally want to have them on a local drive so I can back up and store off-site as well as in the cloud. I currently have all my photos in year/month order so would like to keep that structure.

  • I want to be able to automatically upload my IOS photos but have them sync to my Mac so I can then back up off-site.

  • Cheap as possible.

Not many requirements then!

What are people’s experiences with either experience of Apple or Google photos.

Thanks in advance.

I have been using Google Photos for a few years now, and absolutely love it. The apps are great on iOS and Android (as my wife uses the one and I the other this is a must), and the web app is really good too.

I love how they make use of face recognition, allowing you to search by person, and auto generate sideshows from time to time (though I also find it a bit creepy).

But unfortunately they no longer sync to Google Drive, so photos won’t be synced to your Mac. If someone has suggestions on this, I’d be most grateful! :slight_smile:

I use Apple iCloud and pay for 250GB as I am all Apple but it is shit for uploading via web etc.

Best try Apple Photos for yourself if you have a mac then you will see what I mean

Good thing is that it syncs across all devices

Not having an Apple product I haven’t got Apple photos. Google One allows you use Drive or Photos for storage. I find it really easy to use, they all sync and cross sync so you don’t need to do anything.

Have you considered a relatively inexpensive NAS? I went the Synology route. There are apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac to manage your photos and other digital assets. There are no ongoing monthly payments, and of course the data remains private on your own device rather than in someone else’s datacentre.

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+1 for Synology

I have had one for years

Until you have a fire. Or ransomware. One of the reasons I like Google Drive and Photos is the offsite backup aspect.

I do have a Synology which was first attempt at cloud photo storage but find the photo station and Moments App to be okay but not really slick.

I am thinking Apple Photos maybe the way as we are heavily apple based. Google photos just seems a cheaper route if you allow them to cap the size of the photo.

Noting I will have the original on my Mac I am less concerned by this but I think Google looks harder to keep everything in sync now.

Having a NAS doesn’t alleviate the requirement of backing up your stuff. But it does give you more flexibility. And privacy.

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Microsoft One Drive?

There’s no reason you can’t have both. It’s true Google won’t let you sync anything (their lack of desktop apps for photos and music are an obvious flaw) but you can just use the free plan as an extra backup and if you’re looking for a particular photo use it’s superior search etc.

I use google to sync across devices.

I think people are getting confused with the free Google Photos plan which has size limits, a Google One plan uploads the original unless you specifically tell it to use a limit.

But aren’t they removing the photos synching with Drive, so you still have the issue of not having a local copy that’s kept up to date with photos?

No the photos stay on your device. you are literally just backing up to drive. You then sync folders on all of the devices if you want to.

I have my whole desktop synced with drive and some folders synced with my phone.

This is having a Google One account though, if you don’t pay, then its a totally different story.

You can backup Synology offsite though.

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I’ve got an iPhone and routinely use Google Photos for storage (and those photos also show in my timeline - useful for later reviewing).

The storage is unlimited and free (with reduced resolution). And google syncs across devices.

Suits me…:slightly_smiling_face:

(Edit : sorry @daedal, missed your post)

You’re right, they have just removed the automatic integration of Google Photos with Drive. However, you can use Google’s Backup and Sync desktop application to sync whatever you like to your Google Drive.

As all your pics are available in the Google Photos app, I never saw much benefit in also syncing them to Drive.

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Also with noting, backing up unlimited pics to Google Photos at high resolution doesn’t noticeably affect the quality at all. In fact, unless they are bigger than about 16MP they won’t be touched.

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Okay so would this workflow work?

Load into Lightroom which produces my folder structure which I like.

Use Google Sync to keep that folder in sync for photos. What if I delete a photo on the Mac would the sync then delete it from Goggle Photos (hope so)?

So still slightly manually but would then have my photos on all devices.

I think Apple Photos is probably easier but I want to have one library and unless my wife and I share an Apple ID that will be a pain.

Also have a look at FreeFileSync - free and open source, this lets you backup and sync files and folders across devices, SFTP servers, cloud storage providers, etc.