Apple Sourz?

(Liam) #1

Well, I’m posting a story about the difficulties currently being faced by Apple - this means that I am probably going to be in for a kicking…

It seems they’re having a bad year.

Chief Exec Tim Cook would love to pin his firm’s profit warning on Trump’s continuing bum-fight with Pooh-bear, but Apple’s problems seem to be running a little deeper.

The issue for Mr Cook is that the iPhone is now pretty mature and there’s little sign of innovation or major new features between releases. Where’s the driver for customers to upgrade year after year?

Compounding matters, the high-end device’s growing price tag is getting out of hand. This year’s XS is on for £999. The ‘cheaper’ XR unit is £749.

Is it really a surprise that last-quarter iPhone sales are likely to be around 8% lower than the $93 billion they forecast? That’s $9bn wide of the mark - for one single three month period.

Apple shares opened 9% down this morning and they took other tech stocks with them. Microsoft, Amazon and Google have all had a bad day on the back of this announcement.

Time for Apple to rethink their strategy or are they genuinely falling victim to a political spat between the toddler-in-chief and China?


Because folk (and I’m a massive fan) are starting to get a bit pissed with their stupid tactics and daft pricing. I’ve just paid £1500 for a new iPhone but have to pay extra to get a the simple benefit of the fast charging. They knowingly included a 5w charger. The same one that came with the iPhone back in 2007. This new charger requires a new cable and their retail price is about £60. It stinks.
Unfortunately I’m a sucker because I just can’t make myself use Android. I have a work Android phone and it’s just not for me. Hate it.

(Dan Mullen) #3

All Android phones are not equal. Compare a Samsung A5 with a Google Pixel 3 or a OnePlus 6T. I bet you’d be fine with a decent handset.

(Obviously I’m assuming your work phone isn’t a flagship. I accept I may be wrong :smiley:).

(Dan Mullen) #4

You had me at “Apple Sourz” @Liam… great headline! :joy:


I stopped ready when it was about Apple Inc. and not Apple Sourz

Although there was no way people was not going to see Apple is ripping them off when it is basically charging £1000 for a phone, my friend who is an avid Apple fan and would always upgrade actually got an Android instead.

(Liam) #6

Ah, the memories of being an 18 year old in a crappy nightclub in a northern market town. Apple Sourz, Corkey’s. Grim times.

My work phone is an older Apple and I’ve owned iPhones in the past.

Working for a company that has a few apps on the various platforms I’ve been able to evaluate quite a few phones and I started to err towards Android.

I switched to Android a few of years ago and I’ve been happy with my choice.

Currently using an older Google (LG) Nexus 5X and am still happy with it. Given the thing a few hairline cracks recently though, so it’s probably time to move on.

I like the Pixel range, but don’t really like the Apple-esque prices. May consider a Nokia.

Rule for me is that if it’s going to be an Android, it has to be stock issue or as near to stock as possible. Every distribution that has been butchered by an OEM is an abomination.

I’m not considering Apple for my replacement phone. They’re good looking devices and the software is well designed - I think I’ve just grown to prefer Android.

(Dan Mullen) #7

You’ll probably love the OnePlus 6T. Based on stock Android and around the £500 mark with flagship specs.

(Dave) #8

I think there are multiple factors as you’ve said. For me personally I’ve never had an iPhone as long as my current one (iPhone 7) and I’ve never had my Apple laptop and desktop computers for as long as the current ones I’ve got. I can’t justify the increased price for ever decreasing returns in the upgrades on offer, and therefore for me now it is pretty much a case of replacing these things when they reach the end of their normal life, and not because an upgrade offers anything useful.

As I use my devices for work I have to make sure I can replace them, and the money is there set aside for all three of these devices. Frankly though, I don’t see a compelling reason to spend it at the moment.

I am sure there are many factors. My iPhone does what I need it to do and more… my laptop/desktop are fine. The devaluation of the Pound hasn’t helped with prices, but it isn’t the whole story and Apple are trying to squeeze more out of us.

I’ve got an Android phone that I use for work too, but I prefer iOS.


This is the first time in my life I’m not going to upgrade.

I have a huawei mate 9 and the phone is faster than the day I bought it. They’ve added features like face unlock which is quicker and more accurate than the iPhone version which you have to pay £1000 for. The battery life is still great.

Just no reason to upgrade for me.

(Liam) #10

The OnePlus 6t is one to look at I think.
It’s certainly a well spec’d phone and the notch is one of the least offensive in the current crop.

Gotta admit OxygenOS puts me off though. Don’t like the separation between that and the parent Android software.

(Dotun) #11

I upgraded my 8+ to XS Max. Sometimes I wish I had my 8+ back. No Touch ID on the phone is ridiculous, hate Face ID. Never had so many failures while I’m in bed. Or on the office desk, I always have to pick the bloody phone up so it can scan my face.

And I feel I just got fleeced by Apple. It’s a solid phone, but not £1000+ solid.

I used to upgrade my iPhone every year all the way back from iPhone 5.

If the price doesn’t drop and there’s no return of Touch ID, no more. I’m not buying an iPhone this year (2019).

Apple has been getting away with it for years since Cook took over. Cook’s Apple is the worst Apple. All about $$$ and no innovation. Apple Watch is the only Apple product that was innovative and it’s nothing more than an add-on to the iPhone.


I’ll not lower the tone… :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ve also got the XS Max, although I was coming from the X, so was used to the quirks of FaceID (which I probably love about 51% of the time, so it just sneaks it for me).

I think the XR is the sweet spot for features vs cost.

If anyone tells you that the screen isn’t as good, they are either the most professional of all screen testers with the worlds best eyes, or they are fibbing.

I’ve compared an XR to my XS Max, and visibly, there is virtually no difference that I can tell on “most” things.

Perhaps graphically intense gaming will highlight some of the pro’s of the XS Max OLED screen, but I doubt it’s worth it.

As for Apple as a whole… Meh - People seem to like to hate on them, and jump when their stock price dips.

As a consumer, I couldn’t care less - If they stop making products that I want to buy, I’ll just buy elsewhere :man_shrugging:


It’s the one thing I dislike about my Google pixel: the fingerprint scanner on the back means I always have to pick it up for unlock. I want to see in-screen fingerprint scanners become mainstream…

(Dotun) #14

That is a problem, but you can slightly pick the phone up (it doesn’t even need to completely leave your desk) and unlock it that way. Face ID? All the way up to your face.

The in-screen scanner will be the best solution to all of this though. Apple should lead the way on that, but they won’t…

It’s stupid that they lead the way on unnecessary things that saves them money, like taking away the headphone jack.


Have you changed the settings so it doesn’t require your attention?

(Dotun) #16

What do you mean?


Settings, Face ID and Passcode - Then turn off (if it’s on), “Require attention for Face ID”.

This means you don’t have to look at it (with your eyes), and it’ll pick up your face much more easily.

Doesn’t get around all of the quirks, but it makes it much quicker for me.

(Dotun) #18

Turned off that, and it seems to unlock faster like you said. Saves one second of unlocking my phone. Still I have to pick it up completely though.

But unlocking it faster also has disadvantages. Sometimes the phone unlocks when I don’t even want it to, like trying to take my wallet out and I had to take the phone out with it, it sometimes unlocks and my thumb maybe touching a notification, opening the app.


I generally found that with Touch ID more than Face ID - As getting it out of your pocket, you’d still need to hold it up to your face (where as your thumb could easily unlock it when taking it out).

It’s not perfect (neither solution), and like @nanos said, I’d be happiest with an “in screen” reader.

(Dotun) #20

I think that’s easy to avoid…just hold the phone anywhere else apart from the home button and it won’t be unlocked. I’ve done that over the years. 99% of the time, if the thumb is on the home button as I take my phone out, it’s intentionally.

My fingers can touch the home button as I take it out, but if it’s not a registered finger or the back/side of my thumb it won’t unlock.