Apple Sourz?


I’m struggling to see how you’d unlock a Face ID phone accidentally, when taking it out of your pocket though?

(Dan Mullen) #22

OxygenOS is very close to stock Android.

I’m stock Android all the way (Nexus, Pixel, …) but would be happy with the OnePlus.

(Dotun) #23

That’s easy. When the phone is in the same pocket as your wallet (or anything else), when you take both out, you are looking at your phone (and wallet). The phone lights up, boom, unlocked.


On my phone the screen automatically turns on when you lift it so it unlocks when it sees your face which is fine most of the time but it also means it turns on everytime you move the phone which is a bit annoying.


Honestly Apple need to reduce their costs to appeal to a larger audience and to ensure people can upgrade year after year, in cash, not through a 2 year contract. This means they need to be closer to the £500 mark (maybe £600-700 would be OK)

I like the look of iOS, the UI is great. The responsiveness and the quality of Apple products in general are great. I’m a student though and a £1100 pricetag is too much when it’s the same cost in America :thinking: $1100 isn’t £1100, at the very least Apple need to regionalise their prices.

I would switch if I could justify the cost. I want TouchID back on the new phones though.

Aside from that though OnePlus 5T is still very good and until Apple can fix their pricing or until I earn a very good wage (or own a business) I’m not going to be swapping from Android anytime soon.


The system that requires the infinite growth on a planet with finite resources is the system that will lead us to self-destruction. Should it really be a massive problem that the company that is expecting to make $84 bloody billion in the last quarter, which is only 5% less than at the same time last year, is now considered to be at the beginning of the terminal decline?

If you sold your product to 75% of those who could afford it, what are you supposed to do? Sell it to 100%, is the answer of the markets! We need a radical shake-up of how we operate but it is not going to happen unless we f*** ourselves up, just like we did in the first half of the last century. Only total destruction can be persuasive enough argument for some to even consider changing the way things have always been run. :disappointed:

(Paul) #27

I’ve had the x for a year now and it’s the worst Apple handset I’ve had! My old iPhone 6 still works flawlessly and it’s been in use for about 4 years now. The X however… broke because of an unknown hardware failure and had to be replaced After 8 months the one I have now is 4 months old and randomly turns its self off and on?!? Very frustrating.

I’m not up for paying over a grand for a new phone I’m thinking of just buying an 8 plus. That phone has everything I need.


Not at all. Capitalism works. If you can’t attain quick growth, you put the money into your other ventures (for example, investments)