Apple Wallet/Google Pay loyalty programs

To get loyalty cards into the Apple Wallet you can use Pass2U


Yep - that works painlessly and incorporates any offers available for individual cards.

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You can add them to Stocard and then add the Stocard version to Apple Wallet.

This is great as you can then access them from the Lock Screen.

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Decided to take things into my own hands :joy:

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Wow! How did you get to have your balance showing? I installed the app but no option.

I got access to the Google Pay API and reverse engineered the Co Op API :joy:


Good work!

They’ve added a Card to the app now but it’s a bit shit because you have to wait for the app to login, the signal in my CoOp is pants as well so it could take forever for the card to load. Annoying that they’ve not just done the same as me

Nice to see Pret integrated their coffee subscription with Apple Pay and Google Pay from the launch. Handy being able to show the QR code on my Apple Watch instead of getting my phone out.


Coffee subscription?

Pay £20 a month, get 5 coffees a day.

Will be subscribing to that if I’m in London for an internship for sure I can make that money back so quick that’s such a good value subscription especially considering how big the pret branch network is


I think it’s to avoid fraud as you can store hundreds of pounds on it. It looks like the 2d code changes over time.

I think it would still be possible to implement the auto-changing code as a dynamic element in the Wallet pass.

There is probably too much effort required for them to do this just to avoid having to open the app, but it would be nice!

They’ve replied to my review on Google Play saying that they plan on adding support so fingers crossed.

In other news, my Co-Op membership account got reset due to ‘a small number of accounts experiencing unusual behaviour’ :rofl:

Maybe my code wasn’t as reliable as it could have been…


I’ve been told it’s coming to Apple wallet soon too!

Not that I’ll ever be able to use it. Their machines have no luck scanning the card in the co op app as it is.

It’s so embarrassing having them type my card number in… I wish co-op group would absorb all the smaller ones too. everything here is midcounties so my membership is essentially useless until I move to London