Apple Watch Apps

So I got my watch today and I’ve been looking but there are like an entire 4 apps worth getting

Does anyone have any ideas of what’s worth installing? Here’s my current list below:

You will have to update the epic comment on the Apple Watch saga so it’s current…

I don’t have that many apps installed:

Most important one on that list for me is the Authenticator app from Microsoft.

Can you give me some insight how to citymapper on Watch works? I tried it but it seemed pretty shirty.

N26 just flat out doesn’t work for me either. (Not that I use it tbf, rubbish bank and they’ve just killed off most of the metal offering; including wework)

TBH I don’t really use it. On the few occasions I’ve used it, it seemed OK.

Most apps are on my phone because they get installed when I install their iPhone counterpart.

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Dark Sky is good, I use it on the watch face

What’s the difference between it and normal weather app?

It’s better at predicting weather e.g. if it is going to rain in 5 mins it will tell you and it just looks better as well.

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Is there any way to get rid of the default apps?

Not that I have seen, it’s one of the things I hate about the watch.

I use list instead of that stupid layout, no idea how I did that though lol

Press and hold the apps screen and then the choice of list of list or grid view appears

Coming in watchOS 6 in September.

Deadass? I picked the right time to buy one then!

Did you pick up a Series 4?

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If you use GMAIL but not necessarily the Gmail App… worth doing the switch to it if you want push notifications.

Otherwise app wise… Dark skies (previously mentioned), DuoMobile for 2FA, 1password if you use it

I’ve got the local bus company’s app which saves the details for the stops near my office and my old address (not so useful now… but was at the time)

I did!

shudders I hate bus companies

They’re actually melts, always late in efc

Depends where you live I guess… Edinburgh has one of the best services in the UK

I have one by Go Ahead Group PLC which is a subsidiary of Stagecoach I think :thinking:

But like, it only recently got bought. You can use your tickets from the company on Stagecoach. You can buy your tickets from an app, but they’re not great. Have to use PayPal to get your Amex accepted :^)

That and like, they’re always late. They also shove you onto the bus like you’re a sardine in a tin (except less delicious)