Apple Watch / Monzo tube gate issues?

(Chris Beach) #1

Recently I’ve been having trouble with Apple Watch / Monzo on the contactless Oyster card readers in London (I use London Bridge Moorgate stations every day).

Only about 50% of my swipes are accepted. For the rest, I get an error beep and red light on the reader.

Almost always works if I then double-tap the watch button to reactivate Apple Pay and retry the swipe.

Anyone else having similar issues with Apple Watch / Monzo or other banks?

[I would cross-post this on the Monzo forum but unfortunately I was a victim of their purge of right-of-centre forum members]

(Derpa Derp) #2

I’d say this is an issue between Watch and TfL

I say this coz the speed we tap in and out maybe to fast for the hardware to pick it up. I have this issue a lot with contactless and iPhone

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #3

I had lots of issues with the watch but contactless on my iPhone is pretty flawless.

I too think it sounds like a watch issue as opposed to a Monzo issue


Has anyone tried bPay bands with the tube? :eyes:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #5

When they first came out I did, but in the end I couldn’t be arsed to keep topping it up


They have Auto top-up.

Also yes, I feel the same :sweat_smile: I also wish buses here had PaYG caps


Discussed here

(Andy) #8

I have a feeling it’s something at the watch end. I seem to get a cumulative degrade that resets if I reboot.
Mine has been working fine all week, until coming home last night. A couple of second attempts on the tube, then fine on the bus.
This morning it took 3 attempts on the bus. I restarted and it was fine on the tube.
It’s difficult to work out a pattern, because the reader is always different - different bus, tube gate etc - there are too many variables.

(Chris Beach) #9

Might be anecdotal but I’ve not had any problems for a good week now. Seems to have cleared itself up.