Applying for a job at Starling

I recently applied for a role at Starling Bank, and haven’t heard anything back after nearly two weeks.

I understand they have a lot of roles at the moment and as a relatively new company are no doubt beefing up their HR capability, so was wondering if this is normal and I should just be patient? Or perhaps they’ve rejected me but have not sent any notification (has anyone else had that experience?)

I haven’t been able to locate a phone number or email address for following up on job applications on the Starling web site. Is anyone aware of specific contact info for hiring (other than just using their general customer services)?


Hi @bibblebob, welcome to the forum :wave:

Did Starling give any indication of the time frames here?

I take it that you haven’t actually had an interview, and that it’s only an application you’ve submitted? Has the closing date for the applications passed yet?

If it’s just at the application stage, 2 weeks doesn’t seem very long (although, as the applicant, it’s always nice to know they have your application!)

If you’ve had an interview already, your best point of contact will be with that person.

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Hi! Thanks for the quick response.

I’m at the initial application stage - I submitted my application and received an automated email acknowledging receipt but no indication of timeframe.

I’ve read on glassdoor that sometimes with these rapidly growing fintechs, communication around hiring isn’t always the best, and sometimes applications are rejected without notification (although I haven’t seen that said about Starling).

Ah OK.

Was there a closing date on your application?

Not that I could see, no.

It is in the SME area, where they’re advertising a lot of new roles (I assume, as the result of the £100m they received from the RBS fund). So it’s understandable that it might be a slower process it’d just be useful to have a bit more transparency!

I’ve just had a look myself.

You could try and go through the generic route and see if you can get any answers.

My gut instinct is that the role is still open, and they won’t let anyone know any feedback until the role is closed.

Which job are you applying for out of interest?

The “benefits” of the different roles seems massively different!

Some of them have tons of benefits, others have the bare minimum.

I think I’ve only ever had feedback to say that my application wasn’t being progressed to the interview stage once. I would only expect communication if I’d actually interviewed.

What’s more annoying than no feedback, is no salary guidelines on the application!

So frustrating.


When did this become normal practice? I admit it’s been 10 years since I had to look for a job but when we advertise jobs I at least put a salary range on the advert

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I haven’t actively looked for a job for a long time to be fair.

But whenever I do stumble across a job, there is a good chance the salary isn’t indicated.

I don’t know how common this is though!

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It took about two and a half weeks before they got back to me about arranging a telephone interview after applying.

I got the impression they have a lot of applicants so that would explain the wait.

Quite common for my industry, usually they don’t like to advertise their pay scales, as they don’t want to put off any potential candidates.

Yeah, the role got posted again to several jobs sites at the end of last week, so would appear they’re still actively seeking candidates.

I’m applying for the risk & controls role.

One thing about the lack of salary information is that it’s a little hard to gauge seniority of the role. It can be somewhat interpreted from the job spec, but I’ve found quite a lot of variance within that - especially in fintech. I have a more ‘traditional’ finance background with more structured seniority levels which are typically included in job role adverts.

Ah great, that’s good to hear. I may not have been rejected yet!

This is my biggest issue.

The role could be 10’s of thousands of pounds away from what people think it would be.

Anyway, good luck with it! :smiley:

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Thanks! I’ll post an update if I get anywhere with it :+1:

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Far too common, this practice should be made illegal

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Along with car adverts only showing £POA!

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And websites that say click here for pricing and then take you to a contact form


Update: they did get in touch and had a first interview earlier this week. I think I got the invite for the interview about 6 weeks after I submitted my application (just in case anyone else is in the same boat - stay patient!)

Think they were staffing out the HR people first for SME, then focusing on the other SME roles.