Apps that permit you to manage more accounts in one

I found these apps : Curve and Numbers
They permits you to see in one only app all your accounts you have

But are they secure?

My question is, I have to give them my password if I want to insert my accounts for example, if I have Card of Bank A and Card of Bank B and Card of Bank C
Curve permit me to see in one only account all them
but Have I to give them my passwords to do that?


Which cards would you like to add to Curve? And what are the particular features of those cards? allows you to see all your accounts in one place, and has a decent app, its open banking compatable, so you don’t need to give it your passwords for banks that support it.

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You don’t have to supply any login details to Curve.


And how can Curve show me info/details of my cards without these data?

How can Curve access to my card movements?

Curve isn’t an app that shows you other accounts, it allows you to spend money from other accounts using your banks card, it doesn’t show you anything from other banks.