Auto exchange for currency targets

(Liam) #1

Great feature - could have done with it last week!


That is pretty good.

Not enough for me to casually hold a balance in Revolut though.

But a great feature none the less!


I send a few hundred in euros each month, the extra would probably be worth it, but I don’t particularly like revolut. But for the extra money, I shall have to look at them again.


I used this before it was actually posted about and I can confirm it’s a pretty good feature. Shame it relies on the currency fluctuating though :frowning: not helping much due to Brexit in securing a better rate. Much easier to avoid a loss though!

(Liam) #5

I need to pay some big bills in Poland this year and have been watching the currency fluctuate with horror.

I’ve been working on a hope that I can get at least 5 PLN to the GBP.

The rate I get fluctuates because politicians in both countries seem to be hell-bent on causing as much damage to their economies as possible.

While UK Politicians are knocking the stuffing out of each other over Brexit, Poland’s finest are like cats in a barrel over constitutional change, and allegations over skyscrapers and senior members of the ruling party.

The window of opportunity is very small each time the rate ticks over 5 Zł before somebody says something stupid.

One day last year, I calculated that the mere appearance of this text at the bottom of the screen on Sky News added about £40 to my bill…

Being able to automatically lock in a good rate is brilliant.


Is your bill a mortgage or something? :joy:

(Liam) #7

Given that this was entirely predictable…


…I bet some enterprising people will have made a few quid in the last 24 hr.


The new revolut currency conversion thing would have been great for that if I had only set it up lol


I know a lot of people here convert money and use a lot of foreign currency… But do these fluctuations really make much difference?

2 euros for every £100 converted?

I guess for prolific converters (or businesses), it can be huge.

But for the everyday holiday maker - It’s not really much of a thought.

(Liam) #10

We are not talking huge numbers, unless you’re converting huge amounts.

But, hypothetically, if you were paying for a wedding in a foreign country in a few months time, buying a tranch of currency at 8am this morning versus now is worth several bottles of vodka!

If you make your dough by shorting currencies though… :money_mouth_face::money_with_wings::moneybag::money_mouth_face:


Well, let’s just say I’m now > £200 poorer than I was three hours ago - without spending a single penny in between :tired_face: