Auto Saving

(Lawrence Ferguson) #1

What do people use and think is best for auto saving?

I wanted to try chip but it’s not on Starling…I’ve signed up to Plum…will see how it goes…

Are there any others?

As always…a cheeky referral link :slight_smile:
3 invites = £25 or something…

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I’ve started using plum, love it!

I hate saving or having to think about it so it suits me perfectly.

(Lawrence Ferguson) #3

Me and partner will give it a go see what it suppliments us for our New York spends next March… :slight_smile:

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(Tom) #4

I thought I’d give Chip another go, to see what they’re up to when they eventually get around to releasing v2.0.

If anyone fancies signing up, my referral code is MS846M :+1:


What’s the TL;DR of Chip V2?

(Tom) #6

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but last I heard it was improved savings/withdrawal times (currently uses Direct Debits), a rework of the app, more integration, and possibly a banking licence/more products?

But it’s gone really quiet, and no updates for a while, from what I can tell.

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(Simon) #7

Plum is launching an app by looks of it.

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(Dan Baker) #8

On the topic too. Tandem have launched their iOS beta on TestFlight which is continuing their Autosavings testing on Android.


Chip 2.0 is out in beta.
Just seems like an update, really, though to be fair Chipx is still just “coming soon”

It connects to your account and the linked debit card, so I’m assuming that’s how they’ve sped up saves, but first save isn’t showing in my current account yet.

Anyone else on the beta?


Yeah, I’m on the Chip 2.0 beta. Agree that nothing much has changed other than a bit of a different look and faster transactions. I did a withdrawal the other day and it was pretty instant IIRC.

Interactions are still largely chatbot-based and you still have to put up with crappy gifs. I hate this about it, but I suppose some people must like it?

This seems to be their perpetual motto with most things


I found this code for 3%

Confirmed working: 16 March 2019


They just called me for feedback on the onboarding, though I hadn’t reported any problems. I had nothing to contribute.

Just a random mobile number, so I assumed it was a cold call…

Not keen on the use of my phone number like that at all!

Looking at the privacy policy, it looks like they must be relying on legitimate interest, but is a call really necessary?!

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(Jim) #13

The whole “refer more people for a higher rate” stuff really puts me off using a service.


That’s how they will make the money though, how many people after 1 year won’t refer anymore, or only refer one or two people.

That’s why I won’t ever take part in a refer for life program.


If there hadn’t been the MSE3 code and now this, I’d never have bothered. Certainly won’t chase referrals!


I’ve managed to do 10 manual saves in a month, despite the apparent 6 save limit.
The kind of bug that was in the old app! Feels very familiar


Totalling more than £600?

I’ve never managed to do more than 6 X £100 saves but I’ve assumed it was possible to do more manual saves of smaller amounts.


I’ve done x10 manual saves of £100 in March.

I did the seventh because I’d had an error message, so wasn’t sure the sixth had gone through.

I only installed the beta this month, so I don’t think this could be because the start of the month is based on when you sign up

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(Grant MacGregor) #19

Still awaiting Chip pulling their finger out and releasing ChipX.

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(Grant MacGregor) #20

There was a glitch in March that allowed a Chip users to manually save 10 x £100.

They eventually spotted the problem and sealed it up.

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