Baffling issue this morning (now solved)

(Dan Mullen) #1

This morning I spent £2.50 and Starling rounded up and added 50p to my coin jar goal. However, my account balance updated and had 96p on the end!

I contact CS via live chat and they were equally baffled. They said they would pass it on to the payments team and get back to me.

About an hour later I realised what had happened. Last week I made a purchase in USD, which appeared as £22.95 with a 5p round up. It looks like today, a split second after my purchase was rounded up, the USD transaction from last week cleared at a slightly different rate, which made the purchase £22.99 (4p more).

Glad to get to the bottom of it but it really had me puzzled for a while!


You still have me puzzled :rofl:


I’ve seen the round ups/foreign currency transactions have caused issues in the past.

I guess it’s pretty hard to get it right when the transaction doesn’t settle for a few days.


:joy: I was thinking the same thing reading the first couple of paragraphs!

But yeah, that makes quite a bit of sense in hindsight :thinking: the pound has been dying recently

(Dan Mullen) #5

Sorry, I should have said that my balance always ends with 0p :grinning:


So does mine although it normally starts with £0 :joy: