Bank Phishing call

I’ve just read about this recent bank phishing call:
Never give your details out and if unsure, hang up and call your bank yourself.

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My Santander texts say “Never share this code, even with Santander staff”. People should really know better.

I don’t know why the banks don’t make people more aware of all the things they won’t ask you to do (move money between accounts etc.)

I guess it’s still cheaper to reimburse than pay for an ad campaign :man_shrugging:

I don’t care whether the question is…

  1. What’s your PIN
  2. What’s your card number
  3. What’s your inside leg measurement

…or something as basic as…

  1. Can you confirm the first line and post code from your address…

…if you ring me, the answer is… No.


We need to get you to write a major advertising campaign for this…

“Just say No!”




I bet a lot of people would be taken in by that. Quite clever actually using the password reset flow to get access to the account. The SMS should have made it clear that it was in relation to a password reset and not to give out the code to anyone. That would at least flag it for some people that something suspicious was going on.


I usually just give them Dan Mullens details from his website :joy:

By the way @danmullen, PM me if you hear anything about a trip to Malaga. Been waiting for that to come in lol

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I took my bank account details and my email password off there…

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