Bank/Public Holiday Thread

How is everyone spending their bank holiday?

Pub garden

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I’ve gone to Munich

A farm with the wife and kids.

At work.

Don’t get bank holidays…

Is this allowed?

Working. Didn’t realise it was a bank holiday.

They’re irrelevant in my business - take time off when you want it instead

No bank holiday in Italy, so I went to the market bought some food and now chilling as its already 30c out there.

Yup. We get 3 public holidays a year… Christmas day, Boxing day and NY Day. Otherwise we get 30 days off to do with as we please!

Wife on other hand gets a total of 45 days off a year… 25 of which she can do with as she likes… (works for a Scottish Government body)

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Working :slight_smile:

  • Working
  • On holiday

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Working in a 45c kitchen!!!

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I try and avoid public holidays. Crowded, expensive and queues. I would rather be working (and most of the time I am).


I just got back from a weekend of camping :scream:

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My days off are Sunday and Monday anyway so nothing’s different for me! I was going to meet a friend who cancelled on me last minute, but now about to spend the rest of the afternoon in the garden with my mum and some purple, shimmery beverages so can’t complain! :clinking_glasses:



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It actually was a summer camp for gay guys :rofl:

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Oh, yes… “Summer camp”. We have plenty of those in Brighton. You can always tell when one’s on the way as they post council notices on lampposts to tell you they’ll be blocking the road while they unload the metal drums of lube and they pop a flyer in your letterbox to tell you they’ll be testing the sound system tomorrow and to expect Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood at a volume that will shake the pictures off the walls and your dentures out you mouth for a few hours.

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It was more sports day with a drag race and seeing how far you could throw your handbag :joy:

I was in Worthing and didn’t realise how close I was to Brighton or I would have went. I’ve never actually been there :scream:

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We just got home and the weather is so nice I’ve decided to open a bottle of Taittinger that I won in a quiz last November :laughing: :champagne::clinking_glasses:

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