Banking on iOS 14

In the light of the news that the iOS 14 Public Beta is now available, I thought it might be helpful to curate a list of which banking apps are working under the new release at the current time.

I have been running the developer beta since it was first released, and use many banks, so I have been able to produce a list. As an aside, almost every other app works fine - it’s just that banking apps do often block themselves from loading on “unrecognised” releases as a security measure.

Working on iOS 14
:white_check_mark: Starling*
:white_check_mark: Monzo
:white_check_mark: Revolut
:white_check_mark: Tandem
:white_check_mark: Atom Bank
:white_check_mark: Nationwide
:white_check_mark: Barclays
:white_check_mark: Barclays Launchpad
:white_check_mark: NatWest, RBS & Ulster Bank NI
:white_check_mark: Lloyds, Bank of Scotland & Halifax
:white_check_mark: HSBC, M&S Bank & First Direct
:white_check_mark: TSB
:white_check_mark: Clydesdale, Yorkshire, B & Virgin Money
:white_check_mark: Virgin Money Credit Cards
:white_check_mark: Metro Bank
:white_check_mark: Tesco Bank
:white_check_mark: American Express
:white_check_mark: NewDay Credit Cards
:white_check_mark: Creation Credit Card
:white_check_mark: Danske Bank
:white_check_mark: KBC Bank Ireland
:white_check_mark: Handelsbanken
:white_check_mark: Cynergy Bank Authenticator

Not working on iOS 14
:x: Barclays Pingit**
:x: Santander & Santander Wallet***
:x: Co-operative Bank & Smile
:x: Danske ID

Money Management Apps
:white_check_mark: Emma
:white_check_mark: Yolt
:white_check_mark: Fentury
:white_check_mark: PayPal
:white_check_mark: Curve
:white_check_mark: Freetrade
:white_check_mark: Cash App
:white_check_mark: TransferWise
:white_check_mark: dozens
:white_check_mark: Chip
:white_check_mark: Cleo
:white_check_mark: Plum
:white_check_mark: Hyperjar
:white_check_mark: Snoop
:white_check_mark: Moneybox
:white_check_mark: Monolith
:white_check_mark: Monese
:white_check_mark: Mode
:white_check_mark: bunq
:white_check_mark: Glint
:white_check_mark: Zeux
:white_check_mark: Oval Money

*Since version 1.45.0
(See thread: Does Starling work on iOS 14?)

**Text message received after failed login, update coming on 1st of August

***For further details on Santander support, see this post

I hope some of you might find this information helpful if you are considering testing out the beta.

PS: If you are interested in downloading the beta, go to and don’t forget to back up before installing.


My Barclays works with iOS beta 14, however initial screen says that Barclays app doesn’t support “jailbroken devices”. Besides that it works almost as usual

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Great list! Thanks for sharing!

Can anyone say if Freetrade, Cash, Atom, and TransferWise are working on the betas? All except Atom are staple apps for me that I use regularly.

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TransferWise works without any problems.


Interesting, on my phone Barclays does open fine and it seems like it’s working initially, but then the screen about jailbreaking comes up and I can’t get past that so I can’t use the app.

All except Atom seem to work OK for me. I realise that I missed these, and a few other apps I do actually have installed, off the list initially in my first post, so I’ll work through all the financial apps I use and add them in a bit later.


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Thanks! Really appreciate the work you’ve put into compiling this list! It’s been a really helpful resource to share with friends that are thinking about getting the beta.

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My pleasure!

That was exactly what I was hoping when I posted it, even though it’s not the usual thing posted here I thought that many posters may be interested.

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I have updated the first post with a couple of changes.

Updates released today for Barclays and Atom now allow them to work fine.

Previously not mentioned, but not working, was Danske ID, the verification app for Danske Bank. This means that you can’t use app-to-app authentication to renew open banking permissions for Danske Bank currently. It’s still not working - but you can use the normal Danske Bank app to view your account.

Updates released yesterday for Virgin Money group apps now allow them to work properly as well - the previous unreliability seems to have gone.


Handlesbanken is also OK.


Thanks for your input, I’ve added it to the main post.

If anybody else has tested something not listed, I’d be happy to continue updating the main post with other additions to keep a consistent and as-complete-as-possible copy of the list!

I’ve updated the first post with some more fintechs, for information.

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As of earlier today, Metro Bank is now working.

Metro have released an update (version 8.4.0) which appears to have added iOS 14 support.

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Update regarding Santander

It seems likely that the Santander Wallet UK app will never be updated to add iOS 14 support, since it is being withdrawn.

Features from this app are planned to be rolled into an update to the Santander personal app. This update will probably be fairly major, with significant new functionality; I suspect it is already in testing. Santander probably can’t be bothered to backport iOS 14 support to the existing app, so are waiting for this new update to add support, which presumably is scheduled for before iOS 14’s general release.

Source: email received directly from Santander

We’ll soon be withdrawing the Santander Wallet app

Full email

To make it easier for you to complete all your banking in one place, we’re moving all the features currently on the Santander Wallet app to our main Mobile Banking app. From the 22nd September 2020 the Santander Wallet app is being withdrawn and will no longer work. If you don’t already use the Mobile Banking app, you’ll need to download it to ensure you can still access your accounts from your phone. You’ll find it by searching for ‘Santander Mobile Banking’ in your app store.

Here are some of the things you can do on Mobile Banking:

  • View your card PIN if you have forgotten it
  • Freeze and unfreeze your Mastercard and block specific transaction types
  • See pending transactions on your current account and credit card
  • Confirm purchases you’ve made online through the app
  • Log on securely using your face or fingerprint
  • Check your account balances, spending, investments, loans and mortgages
  • Enable ‘Quick Balance’ to see your balance without logging on
  • Pay people you’ve paid before and set up new payees

New features to help you better manage your money will be coming soon to the mobile banking app. This will be replacing the spending management tool found in the Santander Wallet app before it is shutdown. [sic]



TSB now seems to not be working on beta 4, or at least I can’t get it to work!

Also, regarding Barclays Pingit - it’s now August and the app still isn’t working, there hasn’t been a recent update so it seems the fix for that isn’t ready yet and may have been delayed.

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That original post of yours looks increasingly like a work of art :smile:. A labour of love which all should roundly applaud.


Thank you Graham, you are very gracious to say so!

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