Barclaycard reaches 2016


In other app news, the iOS Barclaycard app finally supports Touch ID and Face ID authentication, long after everyone else has. Seems to have been activated server-side as there was no app update this week.

(Dotun) #2

Yeah I deleted the Barclaycard app from my phone and used Barclays Mobile Banking instead. Barclays iOS team are putting all their efforts there instead of Barclaycard.

(Dan Mullen) #3

There’s no fingerprint login on Android.

(Dotun) #4

Because Barclays cares too much about your security with the bank (and it’s annoying at times in iOS too).

Fingerprint/facial scan on Android is insecure. And before you reply, YES some models have a much better fingerprint scanner, but only some. There are cheap Android models with an insecure fingerprint scanner.

Yes they can enable fingerprint login for certain models, but it can cause some issues and also, hackers would create custom APKs with workarounds.

So it’s most likely there’ll be no fingerprint login ever.

(Dan Mullen) #5

Garbage! Other banks don’t have a problem with fingerprint login.

(Dotun) #6

Not garbage. That’s because other banks are not overprotective compared to Barclays. Some banks even let you use their app while your phone is jailbroken/rooted.


That was the one thing I really liked about Barclays back when I was a customer. Their app was pretty good for a high street bank.


Barclays Mobile has Fingerprint, the Barclaycard app is normally a bit behind but will have it if it doesn’t already. I actually don’t use the Barclaycard app anymore so haven’t checked.

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I find it claims that my fingerprint data has changed and I have to reset it every time I reboot my Android phone. :frowning:

I’ve now gone back to using a PIN like before :stuck_out_tongue:


Strange, I’ve not had a problem with it, since it was in testing months ago.

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Barclays is the only app I’ve used that has had this problem.

I’m using a Moto g6 play on it’s latest software; I’m guessing it’s something with the way the phone works and not Barclays to be fair.

(Guy Rintoul) #12

I’ve never used Barclays, but based on this thread I’d argue that they just haven’t properly balanced risk mitigation with end-user convenience. Security is a continuum - most banks have realised that they have to be marginally (very marginally) less secure so that users get the features and functionality they want and expect and demand - otherwise customers will leave.


Upon updating to Android 9 Pie; I’m happy to say that this has been fixed and was very much a Motorola software issue. I found that before upgrading from Android 8 that some other unrelated apps were also having the same issues.

(Neil) #14

I’ve found the Barclays Android fingerprint login to be very reliable. Every so often, for security purposes, it will ask for your PIN instead.

Barclays introduced it before HSBC/First direct, both of whom had previously said Android fingerprint login want secure enough except in a few high end phones.

Tbh, they might as well drop the Barclaycard app and do everything through the Barclays app.