Barclays allowed somebody to go £56k overdrawn?

Shouldn’t Barclays shoulder some of the blame for allowing that ridiculous transaction to go through in the first place? :thinking:


Surely that transaction is way outside the norm and should be triggering alarm bells with Barclays? Maybe they let this through for the fees? :face_with_monocle:

That’s pretty shoddy. Yes she pressed the green button, but allowing a five figure sum to be debited from the account that did not have sufficient funds is irresponsible lending, if nothing else.

Suggest Barclays have dropped a bollock here and failing to row back on it is a bigger bollock to be dropped.


Hotel should cover conversation fees? Their fault … no?

I’m sure FOS will happily look into this case if it’s referred to them.

It won’t get to the FOS, it’s been escalated, Barclays are not going to do nothing.

However it is the hotel that needs to cover the conversion fees not the bank. But the hotel will argue about that and Barclays will argue about that. There will be a nice sorry, a bit of compensation and the story will be old news next week.

It happens to every bank, it shouldn’t, but for some reason no bank has yet managed to stop accounts going overdrawn with foreign payments.

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I’d open an account with another bank and tell Barclays to sue me if they want the money.

They will sue you to death

I’m interested in seeing how this ends.

Assuming it’s accurate, ahem, reporting by the Mail, Yes, we all need to verify what we’re being charged before hitting that green button.

In my opinion, and depending on what was displayed on the card machine and how clear the currency marker was, the hotel should be partly/fully liable to compensate the customer for damages that ensued from their negligent mistake. That is if the customer fails to easily rectify the situation with their bank.

Also, Barclays should be liable to compensate the customer for authorizing a charge that is far beyond the amount that she had in her account. Her bank statement shows £550 as her overdraft limit and £0 emergency borrowing. When was the last time you succeeded in buying something worth 50K while having 400 quids in your account?!

Furthermore, unless the hotel processed the refund in an incorrect way (don’t know - her bank statement shows the words ‘contactless card refund’ for the reversal transaction), it would be alarming if Barclays are unable or unwilling to work this out with Visa, all for a charge that should not have been authorized in the first place!

What do you think?

I don’t think that’s ever happened yet?


That is very alarming to hear


Actually, something that’s just occurred to me…

We all take for granted here that it’s your responsibility to see the amount and agree to it with the green button, but we also know that i many locations the staff can be a little more ‘hands on’ - hence why DCC can be such an issue.

I’m not saying this happened here, but it’s just a thought

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The problem is foreign transactions are not fixed at a rate when processed at a final rate, so unless banks force the rate to be fixed, there is always a risk it will change.

Because we still work on transactions not clearing real time, and yes banks can force them to clear real time, things like this are common, not such a big amount, but every bank, including the new banks will have examples of problems like this happening.

Even prepaid cards that don’t allow offline transactions generally, still don’t fix the rate, and for them its even easier than a high street bank.


Sounds like the Aussie cricket journalist who got charged £55,000 for a beer in a hotel in Birmingham 3 weeks ago.

That was quite different - he had the cash in his account, and approved the transaction which had just been entered by a dozy staff member as a high amount.

It’s not clear whether he did. It says it came from his mortgage account (maybe he had an offset mortgage) and is costing him a lot in interest?