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I’ve been a long time user of bPay devices for a little under a few years now and thought they may deserve a little section of the forum devoted to comments, suggestions and crowdsourced help for the devices and service.

So my story: I started with my bPay band around a year and a half ago when I was lookingfor a neigh on indestructible smartwatch (mostly just to make contactless payments.)

…and so far it’s working out pretty well; from seeing me use my. own band my Dad also decided to purchase a band too.

I like the look of the newer bPay loop that I can attach to my watch; it’ll most likely be the replacement to my band upon it’s expiration.

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I never knew about these. Interestingly they can be paired with any Mastercard or Visa. I think I’ll get one and pair it with my Curve card.


I like the idea of bpay, and I have a Kerv ring which is basically the same but in a form factor I prefer. What I would really like, though, would be something like these that behaved like curve - forwarding transactions to another card instead of having a prepaid account you have to top up.

If Curve bought Kerv, that’d be ideal :wink:


Indeed, I’d love it!

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I had the original bPay band. It was before iPhones had NFC capabilities so I removed the chip from the bPay band and stuck it to the inside back of my phone case.

It worked really well unless a ticket inspector challenged me and in that case I would normally out the chip back in the band. Fortunately this didn’t happen often

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I used to have a bPay key fob. Used it for a couple of months but didn’t like the whole “Pay As You Go”-style, account top-up requirement. When I got it, the marketing made it sound like it was linked to a card.

At least I didn’t pay for mine - got it as part of a promotion Barclays were running.


Such a shame that it isn’t just a curve wristband to be honest, I was just about to order one but I don’t want the hassle of another thing I need to keep money in, with an unarguably worse app.

If they could just link this to my mastercard and charge that it’d be great!


I got a reply :+1:

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Got my bPay Wristband today :heart_eyes: the app is a bit [edited - think about your language when posting!] but besides that the device itself seems of reasonable quality. Really unsure why Barclays can’t just mail us new “bPay SIMs” as I’m going to call them, instead of requiring us to buy a new device. They make money off the interchange fee, after all. It’d be better from environmental standpoint too!



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Question: are any of you having trouble topping up your bPay things? Every card I’m trying to add has enough money to top up for my monthly travel 10 times over or so but none of cards are working with it :angry:

tl;dr trying to add a tenner for my monthly travel and I’ve tried 4 cards now (Curve, Revolut Visa, Revolut Mastercard, Nationwide FlexStudent) and none have worked.

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I don’t have an answer to your question but, regarding tl;dr, it needs to be at the top :slightly_smiling_face: Also, it’s almost the same length as the rest of the post, so if that’s too long then that is too :wink:


… So, pretty big news on the bPay front…

Seems like the current bPay features will be spun into Pingit; also new devices compatible with it will be sent out free of charge.

Will be interesting to see what they’re like and whether this will save bPay? (it currently has only a number of users in the high tens of thousands.)

I’m also wondering if the new devices will identify as a Barclays/VISA card product (much like Pingit) or remain as a Barclaycard/VISA card product.


This gives me some very huge hope considering the Pingit app doesn’t look like shirt, unlike the bPay app which looks like shirt and has terrible everything (it even auto closes instead of staying open in the background)