Barclays bPay Devices


I think from what I can tell, that the current bPay app is built on the basis of the OLD Barclays app from around four years ago.

A lot of the interface is similar in most things bar accent colour to it. (bPay being purple, the old Barclays app using blue.) Pingit is a well built and updated app; I just rarely need any of the features from it, adding bPay will change that. :smiley:

(Neil) #41

The standard Barclays app closes when you go to other apps rather than staying open in the background. I think it’s meant to act as an extra layer of security, although I agree it can be a nuisance.


That’s quite the understatement…

I hate it with a passion! Want to make a transfer and copy sort code, acc number, reference? Well, tough! (other banks have a timeout of a few minutes before the app locks in the background which I think is far more sensible.)